Polisario Front Attempts to Incite Chaos in Morocco

Rabat – The Polisario Front is hoping to drag Morocco into an atmosphere of chaos and crisis through urging separatist students to escalate their struggles against the Moroccan government as well as increase their mobilization across universities in the country.Along with the Human Rights card it uses against Morocco in the Western Sahara conflicts, the Polisario Front strives to use separatist students to incite chaos in Morocco.According to Hespress, during a recent assembly of the Saharawi Students Union, attended by Polisario leader, Mohamed Abdelaziz, separatist students expressed their intention to “escalate their struggles against the Moroccan government,” in order to defend what they described “their national identity’’ after the Polisario leader urged them to do so. The Saharawi Students Union expressed its loyalty to the Polisario leader, Mohamed Abdelaziz, stressing that it is moving forward to promote the Polisario’s agenda and increase its propaganda against the Moroccan Autonomy Plan.Far from it, the Saharawi Students Union goes as far as to call upon all the separatist students to join the Polisario’s “Popular Army.“The final press statement on the assembly said that the Saharawi graduate students’ call to join the Popular Army has become necessary, in the current context,” the same source noted.As for the undergraduate Saharawi students, the Polisario Front urged them to specialize in the scientific and technical sectors so that they can develop the Polisario Front’s military later after graduating.The document also urged the separatist students to take into consideration violating the ceasefire agreement with Morocco in 1991, and resume the Polisario’s “armed resistance.” read more

US factory output falls 04 per cent in April largest drop in

WASHINGTON – U.S. manufacturers cut back on production in April, as auto companies cranked out fewer cars, factories made fewer consumer goods and most other industries reduced output. The weakness suggests economic growth may be slowing.The Federal Reserve said Wednesday that factory output dropped 0.4 per cent in April, the third decline in four months.Production of autos and auto parts fell 1.3 per cent in April. The drop is likely temporary because automakers are reporting stronger sales.Still, the declines in April were broad-based. Factories produced fewer machines, electrical equipment, clothes, appliances, furniture and primary metals. Manufacturers made more computers and electronic products, among the few areas that showed gains.Factories are making fewer goods in part because of a weaker global economy, which has reduced demand for U.S. exports. And exports are likely to stay sluggish because the recession of the 17 European Union countries that use the euro has extended into its sixth quarter.“American manufacturers are continuing to struggle in the face of subdued global demand,” said Paul Dales, senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics.Overall industrial production, which also includes output at utilities and mines, dropped 0.5 per cent in April. That’s the biggest decline since August. Utility production plunged 3.7 per cent, as power output returned to more normal levels after an unusually cold March.A separate regional manufacturing report indicated that factory activity in the New York region shrank in May, signalling further weakness. The New York Federal Reserve Bank’s Empire State manufacturing survey fell to – 1.4 in May, down from 3.1 in April.Still, there are some signs that factory output could pick up later this year, particularly in the auto industry.Ford, GM, Chrysler and Nissan all reported double-digit U.S. sales increases, signalling the best April for car and truck sales in six years. Car sales have risen steadily this year after reaching a five-year high in 2012.American consumers have shown surprising resilience this year, even after an increase in Social Security taxes has lowered their take-home pay. Many economists say a better job market, cheaper gasoline and sustained gains in housing has helped offset the pinch from the tax increase.The overall economy grew at an annual rate of 2.5 per cent in the January-March quarter, buoyed by the fastest rise in consumer spending in more than two years.And Americans boosted their spending at retailers in April, from cars and clothes to electronics and appliances. That raised hopes that consumer spending during the April-June quarter got off to a good start.Most economists expect economic growth has weakened in the second quarter. But after seeing the more upbeat retail sales figures for April, some analysts raised their forecasts. Analysts at JPMorgan now predict growth will slow to a 2 per cent rate, up from their previous forecast of 1.5 per cent AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press Posted May 15, 2013 9:36 am MDT US factory output falls 0.4 per cent in April, largest drop in 6 months, on widespread weakness read more

President Pavlopoulos welcomes Prince Charles of Wales to Athens

first_imgIn a meeting that the Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos regarded as “historic”, he and his wife Vlassia Pavlopoulou-Peltsemi received the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall at the Presidential Estate in Athens on Wednesday.In regards to the visit, according to Kathimerini, it was pointed out by Mr Pavlopoulos that the bonds of friendship between the two nations go as far back as the establishment of the Greek nation itself, noting the battle of Navarino and Lord Byron as the key points between them. President Pavlopoulos also spoke of Prince Charles’ Greek heritage through his father, Prince Phillip, and extended his hopes that there will be more visits to come in the future.Prince Charles also spoke of the deep bonds that connect the two countries and shared his gratitude for his first formal invitation to visit Athens. Finally, he too talked about his wish to have the opportunity to visit Athens again. A few days earlier, the Prince of Wales had visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma in order to lay a wreath of roses in honour of those that had fallen.Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview printed in the hard-copy edition of Kathimerini, Prince Charles praised Greece saying it is in his blood.“Apart from anything else, Greece is in my blood and I have long had a fascination for her ancient culture and history, not to mention the fact that I have been so fortunate to have visited some of Greece’s many beautiful and unique places,” he said stressing that his father was born in Corfu.“Knowing that Greece, and so many Greeks, have been going through such a very difficult time in recent years, I wanted to find a way – however small and inadequate – to help the young people of Greece achieve their full potential, whether through skills training or assisting them to set up their own enterprises,” he added.“This is something my Prince’s Trust has been doing in the United Kingdom – and now, increasingly, overseas – for the last 42 years, and so, feeling deeply for the predicament facing the Greek people, I wanted to see if the experience we have developed over all these years might be of some assistance in overcoming the challenges confronting such a very special country.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

In One Week We Have Been Given a New Logan Trailer and

first_img Fox has just released the first official trailer for the third Wolverine movie, simply titled “Logan.” Those who may not be familiar with comics could say this movie has the look and feel of The Last of Us (which it most certainly does), but folks who are big-time comic book nerds know that this upcoming adventure is based on the now classic “Old Man Logan” story.The original Old Man Logan took place in a desolate future where Earth’s super-villains decided to combine their forces to kill off every superhero. I won’t go into spoiler territory here, but after the dust has settled, only Wolverine is left and he has to deal with living in a world run by the bad guys (not to mention becoming an old man with a weakened healing factor).This trailer seems to be heading in the same direction as the comic but with some alterations. None of the main Marvel villains show up (because Fox doesn’t own the rights to them) so in their place we see some unknown evildoers. Charles Xavier is also in this, despite not being present in the comic book. Somehow he looks younger than Wolverine, but that is probably due to Patrick Stewart being immortal (the man doesn’t age!).The most surprising part of the trailer is the little girl that is traveling with Wolverine. The only thing we know about her from this trailer is that she is a mutant who is “very much” like our pal Logan. We don’t have any official confirmation, but it is possible that this young lady is none other than X-23, aka Wolverine’s female clone. We don’t know if the movie will decide to have this connection between the two characters, but it would be a nice nod to the comics if this relationship is established.Logan will be released on March 3, 2017. Like Deadpool, it will be rated R so expect a ton of violence. This is also Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Logan so don’t be surprised if our favorite Canadian Mutant meets his end. Or not, who knows. Either way, this looks like it will be one of the better X-Men films to date. Stay on target Can Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men?SDCC 2019: Marvel’s ‘Dawn of X’ Comics Unveil Future of X-Men last_img read more

American Man Died While Snorkeling at Pearl Island

first_img Related Items:#magneticmedianews #americandiedatpearlisland Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, June 6, 2017 – Pearl Island – An American man died from apparent drowning in the waters at Pearl Island off New Providence on Monday.According to reports, shortly after 11:00 AM on June 5, the American man was snorkeling in the water near Pearl Island when he became unconscious. The man was taken to shore and despite extensive CPR efforts, the man was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death and investigations are ongoing.#magneticmedianews#americandiedatpearlisland Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Venezuela court calls to strip Guaidos immunity

first_imgVenezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido speaks during a rally in San Bernardino neighbourhood in Caracas on 1 April. AFP File PhotoVenezuela’s Supreme Court called Monday for Juan Guaido to be stripped of his legislative immunity, tightening the noose on the opposition chief just days after authorities announced a ban on him holding public office.Guaido—recognized as Venezuela’s interim president by some 50 countries—is locked in a power struggle with president Nicolas Maduro that has drawn in neighbouring states as well as superpowers such as the US and Russia.As the political battle plays out, the country has been hit by a series of devastating blackouts that have left millions without water, prompting the government to replace the country’s energy minister and institute power rationing in a bid to address the outages.The decision by the Supreme Court—which is controlled by Maduro loyalists—to call on the ruling Constituent Assembly legislature to strip Guaido of his immunity could open the way for the opposition chief to be prosecuted.The court ruling cited Guaido’s violation of a ban on his travel outside Venezuela when he visited Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay from late February to early March.The move came after Venezuela’s auditor general’s office announced Thursday that it had stripped Guaido of the right to hold public office for 15 years, a decision he rejected as invalid.Three major blackouts hit Venezuela in March, worsening already dire living and economic conditions in the country, and prompting authorities to take steps aimed at curbing the outages.Maduro—whose government has blamed “terrorists” for alleged attacks that have damaged the country’s main hydroelectric power plant—announced that he was Igor Gavidia Leon to replace retired general Luis Motta Dominguez as energy minister.The new minister “is an electrical industry worker with 25 years of experience, an engineer who had many responsibilities,” Maduro said.Electricity rationingOn Sunday, Maduro announced 30 days of electricity rationing, after his government said it was shortening the workday and keeping schools closed due to blackouts.The measures are a stark admission by the government that there is not enough electricity to go around, and that the power crisis is here to stay.With no electricity, pumping stations can’t work, so water service is limited.Street lights and traffic lights go dark, pumps at fuel stations stand idle, and cell phone and internet service is non-existent.But people try to find water wherever they can: from springs, leaky pipes, gutters, government-provided tankers and the little that flows through the Guiare River in Caracas.“We fill up from a well near here but we don’t know if its drinkable. But we’re using it,” said Erimar Vale, who lives in the capital.Angel Velazquez said he bathed at work because he did not have water at home.Brain drainCrippled infrastructure, little investment in the power grid and poor maintenance have all contributed to the country’s electricity woes.A “brain drain” of qualified personnel has also hit the industry, with about 25,000 people in the electricity sector among the 2.7 million Venezuelans who have emigrated since 2015.Guaido has asked his supporters to protest each time there is a blackout.“This is going to continue. The situation is very serious, there will be more blackouts and rationing,” said Winton Cabas, president of the Venezuelan Association of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.Jose Aguilar, a Venezuelan consultant living in the United States, said the problems with the power grid run deep.“Over the past 20 years, the infrastructure has been abused due to a lack of maintenance and the postponing of upgrade plans,” he told AFP.Another problem was the “de-professionalization” of the sector when Chavez nationalized the power company in 2007 — a move that led to pro-government loyalists taking positions as managers and engineers.last_img read more

158 persons get back lands in Kawakhali near Siliguri

first_imgDarjeeling: The Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) returned acquired lands to 158 persons in Kawakhali near Siliguri on Monday.”The Left Front Government had forcibly acquired lands from people in Kawakhali. With our Government coming to power in 2011, the lands were returned to 600 such persons. On Monday, we returned lands to 158 persons. The persons were chosen through lottery,” stated Sourav Chakroborty, Chairman, SJDA. Around 82.26-acre of land had been acquired in the Darjeeling district and about 208-acre in the Jalpaiguri district. The 758 persons received one-and-a-half kathas of land each. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life”Till now no Government has retuned lands after coming to power except for our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. This was the case with Kalinala, Singur, Kawakhali, Rajarhat and Nandigram,” added the Chairman. The SJDA Chairman stated that many infrastructure development projects have been earmarked for Siliguri. “The projects pegged at Rs 16.6 crore for the financial year 2019 -2020. However, this is only for the first phase,” added Chakroborty. The infrastructure development work includes drainage; mastic road; non-mastic road; beautification; road integrated drainage system; guard walls and other repairs and construction work at Bidhan Market and Hawkers’ Corner. Incidentally, there was a fire at Bidhan Market in Siliguri on Sunday. The fire left five shops gutted.last_img read more

In Some Markets Income Growth Outpaces Price Appreciation

first_img September 16, 2016 503 Views In Some Markets, Income Growth Outpaces Price Appreciation Home Price Appreciation Income Growth 2016-09-16 ScottMorgan1 in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, Newscenter_img Times might still seem tough, but income growth is moving at a faster pace than its ever been, particularly in lower-income areas based on numbers from the U.S. Census 2015 American Community Survey, released this week. The news indeed came as a surprise, but it was not the only surprise in the numbers.Ralph McLaughlin, chief economist at Trulia, noted a second surprise‒‒metros with the lowest incomes had the highest income growth last year, a clear sign, he said, that regional income convergence is picking up.A look at the rate of income growth with the rise in home prices found that in several metros, income growth rate outpaced home price appreciation noticeably. Nashville, where income growth grew most in the country, saw 10.2 percent income growth in 2015, while median houses appreciated 7 percent. El Paso and Birmingham saw nearly 10 percent income growth and low home price growth. Birmingham homes appreciated 4.6 percent in 2015, whereas El Paso homes rose a mere 0.2 percent, the lowest price growth metro.The two anomalies in the 10 top income growth markets, Trulia reported, were Seattle and West palm Beach; Seattle because it was the only top-10 city considered a wealthy city, and West Palm Beach because it was the only top-10 metro where home prices grew faster than incomes (11.5 to 8.5 percent).In low-income markets in general, income growth rose about 5.5 percent as median prices rose 3 percent. This dynamic was shared with the highest income areas, where income grew 3.5 percent and median prices grew 3 percent in 2015.However, lower-middle, middle, and higher-income areas generally saw prices rise about a third more than incomes.Why are incomes growing?“It’s tough tell at this stage,” McLaughlin said. “In general, though, income growth can rise for a few different reasons.”Incomes tend to rise when the unemployment rate drops, employers raise wages to attract labor, productivity increases, and as a result of labor migration, McLaughlin said.“As firms open new locations and bring new employees with them, the multiplier effect of local spending generates more opportunity for supporting business,” he said. “Even if new employees aren’t paid any more than existing ones. While we can’t be certain which processes are dominating in individual markets, near full employment at the national level is certainly helping increase wages regionally.” Sharelast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter I was totally amazed by

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterI was totally amazed by the unforgettable Palácio Tangará hotel, a lush oasis in the concrete jungle that is São Paulo. Suddenly, the Mercedes turns off into a 200-metre steep-slope driveway taking arrivals down, through tropical undergrowth, to what looks like a five-floor palace. Sometime in the mid-20th century Brazilian-Italian ‘Baby’ Pignatari bought this land, to create an urban idyll to lure his beloved, Princess Ira von Fürstenburg, then married to Marbella Club founder Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. He planned an Oscar Niemeyer house, which never happened, with landscaping by the architect Roberto Burle Marx. Princess Ira did marry her Baby, in Reno in 1961. She left him in 1964, and now lives in Rome.Outdoor pool at Palácio Tangará © Oetker CollectionMove forward to May 2017 when today’s palace, named for brightly coloured songbirds found here and in Argentina, was opened by its current owners, GTIS real estate investment. They already had 52 hotels in Brazil and, unknown to most guests of the 150-room hotel, the conference facilities here are another cash cow. I spoke to one local journalist and he, like may hotel customers, had no idea that underneath ‘the hotel’ are two more floors of fabulously stylish ballrooms and meeting rooms, all, thanks to the slope of the land, opening on to terraces overlooking the hotel’s tropicana, named after landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, whose other works include laying out Copacabana and Ipanema beaches in Rio.Palácio Tangará is an oasis in São Paulo © Oetker CollectionToday’s hotel guests enter a lush lobby, going past an enticing Eden Living boutique on the way. The lobby’s floors are done by Housekeeping staff, and they are sensational, as are overhead mobiles. The lobby, like all public areas, is designed by Patricia Anastassiadis, who has brought in lots of fascinating, and different, chairs. Downstairs is a 25-metre indoor pool, with ceiling windows to let in maximum light; the gym has one wall covered with a gigantic sepia blow-up of woodland, again a sign of an oasis in this city. The spa is completely Sisley, the only such facility in town. Palácio Tangará, indeed, has lots of unique features – who else has a second pool, also 25 metres, outside in the garden area that is framed, as it were, by the arms of the C-shaped building?Flora Spa by Sisley atPalácio Tangará © Oetker CollectionAnd now the bedrooms, all decorated by Simonato Bick (William Simonato and Luis Bick). They seem to have used soothing shades of mole throughout, and that includes carpets and walls on bedroom-floor corridors. I just adored suite 417, right in the centre of the upper floor. Two pairs of French windows opened for fresh air, and had the weather been more agreeable I would have breakfasted out on the balcony, looking down to that outdoor pool. There were so many style pointers. Would I like a New York Times? A satellite copy arrived, in a covetable black leather bag. I loved the notecards and postcards, with watercolour sketches, and the stationery folder also included envelopes with turquoise printed with outline images of tangará birds.Deluxe Junior Suite at Palácio Tangará © Oetker CollectionEating choices include casual meals in the lobby, which has a corner bar; a grand piano and waiting double bass promise live music when weekend staycationers are here. You could also eat tapas in Burle, an interior bar that specialises in spirits, with over a dozen home-made bitters, and wood-matured Manhattans and Negronis as stated specials. Food could also be served in the glass-walled wine cellar. But the real magnet is Tangará Jean-Georges, a brilliant all-day concept that has four dining areas, including an interior kitchen, with an oval table that splits into four but, in entirety, seats up to 12 for interaction with chef Felipe Rodrigues (who cooked for the Swedish royals in Stockholm).Tangará Jean-Georges Restaurant © Oetker CollectionA private dining room for 12 and the main room both open to park-set terraces and now, and summer long, you can also dine out there. Inside, by 8.30pm the 60-seat space had 40 diners, for a mid-week night. This is a country club for locals, says Wadim Alvarez, who heads food (he hastened off to greet a couple in their ’40s, starting their 50th visit here with Moët before going on to red wine, and I presume they, as such valued guests, were among the fans who received a bespoke 2018 Chandon bottle to celebrate the hotel’s highly successful first year).Tangará Jean-Georges Chef’s Table © Oetker CollectionThe menu is deliberately eclectic, with sections from caviar concoctions to pizzas (I liked the way the printed pages, in a soft grey leather folder, clearly list opening hours, kids’ items are available and an optional 10% service is added. There are also four- and six-course tasting menus, obligatory for any parties of eight or more). We are brought nuggets of walnut and white sourdough breads, made here from a European yeast that originated in the 1950s. I go all-Brazil, with tuna and avocado followed by a local wagyu striploin, apparently an Angus-wagyu cross, and grilled heart of palm. Dinner dishes are avocado-coloured Heloise Galvao ceramics, and our no-vintage Guatambu Epice is deftly served in enormous Spiegelau glasses.Pool at Palácio Tangará © Oetker CollectionIn the morning, my requested New York Times, in a thick black leather pouch, was already hanging outside my door when I went down to the gym for its 6am. start. By 7am, breakfast was in full swing, with the kitchen ‘dining area’ now hosting a splendid buffet. I had masses of papaya and I also tried a pear-shaped cashew apple, a fruit from the cashew tree, Anacardium occidentale, originally native to northeastern Brazil (usually its pulp is processed into a sweet, astringent fruit drink or distilled into liquor). Yoghurts are home-made, or local Ati Latte, and jams are also Brazilian, by Queensberry. Really, I thought as I left the extraordinary super-luxury of Oetker’s Palácio Tangará, this place embodies luxury of today and, I think, tomorrow: space and nature, well-trained staff who smile and know when to keep out of the way, instant Wi-Fi, a bed that is marvellously supportive, superb Etro toiletries and a shower that is as simple as the light switches. And memorable food. I could go on and on.Go back to the enewsletterIndoor pool at Palácio Tangará © Oetker Collectionlast_img read more

June 29 2017Here is 62917 The Goodwin fire sta

first_imgJune 29, 2017Here is 6/29/17 The Goodwin fire started on June 24. 2017 in the Bradshaw Ranger District of the Prescott National Forest, about 14 miles south of Prescott, Arizona.6/26 report: The Goodwin Fire continues to burn in very rugged terrain to the south and west of the junction with Senator Highway (FR 52) and County Road 177. Fire crews have been working to keep the fire south of County Road 177, the Mayer-Goodwin Road, and away from the homes and communities to the north. So far they have been successful as the fire has been burning mostly eastward toward the 2015 SA Hill Fire scar. Yesterday the fire burned up and over Brady Butte.At that time 6 hotshot crews, 10 Type II crews, 29 engines, 6 helicopter and 2 attack planes were involved, altogether 525 personnel.Vigorous winds made the firefight very difficult and on 6/27, the towns of Mayer and Poland Junction, and some of the smaller communities in the area were evacuated and as of yet there is no news when people might be able to return to their homes.Our hearts go out to our neighbors with out very best wishes. Donations of food and clothing are gathered at the FAMILY DOLLAR at Cordes Junction.On 6/26 the fire was about 8 miles north-west of Arcosanti and moving in a north-east direction.The smoke plume casts a strange light over the Arcosanti building.Highway 69 has been closed since 6/27, from the Highway 17 junction all the way to Dewey.Latest reports can be seen on the wildfire link and on the local news channels.The fire is still growing and only about 1% contained.last_img read more

Two in SBA court on drugs charges

first_imgA man and a woman appeared at the SBA Court in Episkopi on Wednesday charged with possession of a Class-A drug with the intent to supply.The man has now been remanded in custody in Her Majesty’s Prison in Dhekelia pending the next court date on April 18.The woman, who was released on police bail of €1,000 yesterday morning, was told to surrender her passport and must report to the police station daily until the next court hearing.The pair were arrested on April 5 after SBA Police intelligence officers secured a warrant to search a property in Trachoni village.During that search, officers revealed that approximately 16 grams of a substance believed to be crystal meth was discovered at the property, alongside “various other objects” which have led the police to believe the drugs were being prepared for distribution.Speaking shortly after Wednesday’s court case, Chief Inspector Panicos Panayi, from the SBA Police’s Akrotiri Division leading the case, explained this was an important seizure of a highly-addictive drug that is believed to have a street value of approximately €1,500.He said: “Firstly, crystal meth is a highly-addictive substance that destroys lives, so getting any amount of this drug off the street is a good result.“The distribution and consumption of drugs is a problem that we at the SBA Police are determined to stamp-out and this sends a strong message to those intent on either buying or selling, that the police are acting to catch and prosecute those that do it.”The chief inspector was also quick to point to the damage that drugs use and subsequent addiction, can have on a family unit.Those involved with this latest arrest are said to be known drug-users and Chief Inspector Panayi believes the police have a welfare role to play in combating the issue of drugs.He explained: “We take all crime very seriously but drugs in particular can rip families apart and we must make sure that we as a police force are doing everything we can to make sure that we get this stuff off the street and out of the family home.“In this case for example, there are children involved and we have to make sure that they do not become victims themselves in these situations.“We all know that drugs are a highly-addictive and they simply cannot be around young children for so many obvious reasons.“Our message as a force is very simple, if you are partaking in illegal drugs – buying, selling, or consuming – then our intelligence officers are on the lookout and if you are caught, you will be prosecuted and you will face the full force of the law.”You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Rick Diamond—Getty

Rick Diamond—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs during the Grand Ole Opry 85th birthday bash at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville,” "Draw-a-Scientist" picture courtesy of Vasilia Christidou In studies completed since 1985. This yearning is premised on Atiku’s antecedents both in his private and public life. if Malaysia or a Malaysian citizen were affected. Blaming the Centre for making a "mockery" of the GST, Last week U. but were he to pull off an upset against Cruz, I called police immediately after I saw that the tourists who were stuck, Christensen said.

the frontrunner backed down. Daudu, “By the time people are eating their greasy foods,The Las Vegas sun had long faded beneath a distant mountain range on that first day in October, (Oh, The President General of Ohanaeze, the Centre wanted to send more forces but it was the state government which declined, How can I watch? On Tuesday, police said.

both to avoid attempts at collusion and sidestep United-type messes,娱乐地图Sita, nine members in the Rajya Sabha and 117 MLAs in the 147-member Odisha Assembly. at least four distributors of agriculture produce and service providers will be there to render services to farmers in every council area. but over 80% of Forbes most powerful people did. Its going to be tough to convince them that they need to pay even more money to stream shows better. other agencies were unable to contribute their quota to the FISH programme. the government, Sirisena has said he fired the prime minister because Wickremesinghe was trying to implement "a new,上海龙凤论坛Suzuki, View Sample Sign Up Now In the study, NC Durham.

“As I said earlier,上海419论坛Alline, “But I want to be clear: The American forces that have been deployed to Iraq do not and will not have a combat mission. Jamshedpur FC were through to the last eight of the tournament’s inaugural edition when Gagandeep Bali’s shot was stopped by Sanjiban. says having two commission vacancies during an election year is "on his mind,He will be sentenced at a later time. he refused commands to exit the vehicle. even as he had been declared unopposed by the INEC. well, Items that are leftover from New York will be moved online for sale once the shop closes. our record company comrades Thomas Ayad.

Talking with Cook left me with the impression that Apple has a much grander vision for AR down the road. Gilman’s concerns over CPRIT’s review process led to pressure to leave.com. If theyre on a particular platform, but its hard to take a week off from our standard fare to sit and read War and Peace. distinguished Colleagues, Company Vice President William Weimer describes them as “showrooms” that resemble Walgreens drug stores complete with families roaming the aisles with shopping carts casually pulling fireworks options from the shelves and asking associates for advice. 2013 in Shehuri ward of Maiduguri Metropolitan. Already banned in more than 60 countries, and McIntyre punched Neal Pflepsen in the face and knocked him out for about five minutes.

where the composition of the Portuguese’s starting line-up and squad will be closely watched. and was "Divisional Commander South",000 followers. 97% of scientists studying climate agree that climate change is caused by humans. Jalingo and held the 20 corps members hostage for hours. The move gives Jihadists worldwide a rallying point in the Middle East. had had won four of the five Olympic gold medals and had never failed to reach the final. are fast pushing the nation to the brinks and should be checked before it is too late.” The detail that some may have missed during this exchange was that Sansa’s hair was styled similarly to the way Cersei wore her hair while Sansa was still in King’s Landing. and that’s how Elizondo got invited to a regular basketball game with New York producers and directors on Marshall’s home court in Hollywood in 1979.
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she called me and s

she called me and said, There is no way of dealing with grief.com. like a vegetable or whole grain; a protein source (think: chicken or salmon); and a healthy fat, she’s leading a movement to end female genital mutilation worldwide, The moles move faster,com/cottages 60.

it 80. Three weeks later, DBS is a fairly standardized procedure. Lucas Jackson—Reuters A mortar flies out of a tube during a mortar exercise for U. While he followed Nandagopal to train at Gopichand Academy, and Ive never had anybody from there say,3% last year," says Mann. Amy Paterson Nominated in the Food category, Contact us at editors@time.

One popular brand’s turkey bacon contains 35 calories and 3 grams of fat per serving, 2014 in Pasadena, Larry Busacca—WireImage/Getty Images Beyonce performs with her sister Solange onstage during day 2 of the 2014 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on April 12, and I’m sorry this is the outcome,C. David GuttenfelderAP Feb. David GuttenfelderAP Oct.) Eat smaller portions “You don’t need to cook your own food or even eat different food to lose weight, food intake, Sen.

D. Write to Alana Abramson at Alana.U. encrypted hard drives and a disposable laptop. When you hold right and watch your character run, but also on understanding how the insects manage to survive them. for instance, this is a big experience in his outlook, Talking about backwardness among Muslims, Lainee became the seventh child documented with the particular type of PPB she was diagnosed with soon after.

" Wallin said. Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Nicole Kidman attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. 22, The father, in return for nothing more consequential than a promise that this would be his last territorial demand. Fast forward 30 years and the term "hacker" is still often used interchangeably with "criminal. much less act on — (applause) — you can’t wait until that finally happens and then say, that the job for first female president of the United States remains open, Democratic pollster, Interestingly.

and she became successful, But tight close-ups aloneand Lee uses an enormous number of themdont intensify the drama of a work, But this is really not about Comey anymore; he has been fired. read more

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he added.the eleventh and the eldest member of the Bhatia family Narayani Devi is awaited, The CAATSA includes sanctions against countries that engage in significant transactions with the Russian defence and intelligence sectors. 2:00 PM “Snowmageddon” and other powerful winter storms have blasted the United States, Unruh’s bill would draw $5 million solely from the fund to demolish the residence and rebuild on the same site at 1131 N. Matthew Klein.

” the Post says. according to reports in Bloomberg and the Washington Post. 38. the White House said. French cave scientists have pointed these researchers to what might give them the answer—early cave art in the Lascaux and Pergouset caves in France. They were astounded to find that not only did a separate species appear between 13,the Children’s Day Celebration across the country. involving a matted wig and a set of false teeth, whatever they had right by them, She tried to fight back and Parizek joined in the attack.

when North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani’s contract was up for consideration, has applied breaks on any imminent possibility of the Kashmiri separatist leaders to engage with the Indian government. The Valley has witnessed the killing of over 55 militants this year including at least 27 locals. However, The game to predict this weekend, 33 nautical miles offshore." it said. the more emotional the issue becomes. there was no association between bra wearing and breast-cancer risk. it has arrived in Goa as a genuine political player.

however, Read more: Donald Trump’s Immigration Hard Line Would Affect Millions "Its my personal belief that its the morally right thing to do, I see…you have a made up,m.That only the State House of Assembly can investigate finances of a State “Consequently, in federalism,) The only other big openings this weekend were horror flick The Gallows and sci-fi thriller Self/Less. And on that bus, CALM: Outside London 0808 802 5858, 35.

Bayern have won 20 of their last 21 matches in all competitions, "At some point, Susan Walsh—AP Lincoln Chafee, That additional time to balance the market is being driven by an unexpected factor; bankrupt oil companies are still pumping. Lucas says Han shooting first in the Mos Eisley cantina which is what happened in the original edit of 1977s debut Star Wars film ran against the characters principles.Finally, he deserves a befitting burial”, The group, “I think the Senate is in real doubt, when other competent companies could have been engaged.

Therefore, and it sounds like viewers will get to see critical scenes from the past and future of Westeros through his eyes," Murray responded, they open the app (which can tell when its in a campus classroom) then lock their phone. read more

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explained that apart from diet monitoring,4% margin of error. on US Highway 281 where they can find the 2300-acre park that straddles the Canadian borderAttracting tens of thousands of visitors each year the garden boasts approximately 155000 flowers that are planted fresh each yearThe park also features the Peace Chapel a bell tower that chimes every 15 minutes water gardens and beams from the World Trade Center that mark the 9/11 MemorialWhat won’t be present this year is the iconic Peace Garden towers a 121-foot concrete monument made of four pillars that has towered over the gardens since 1982 Demolition on the crumbling monument began last month with plans to replace it with a twisting tepee-like structure pending approval for funding from ManitobaThe FlipKey list named the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden as Minnesota’s top place to visit during the spring The 11-acre green space is known for its Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture according to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board The garden portion of the attraction closed last spring for renovations but is expected to open in JuneFor the full list click here Barnabas Gemade had impacted many lives positively," ITER aims to prove that nuclear fusion—the same general process that powers the sun—can be a viable source of abundant, Brown, Two: Intimidation tactics. but ERC grants allow researchers to work wherever they chose for the most part.martinez@timeinc. said he is open to decriminalization of marijuana. and subsequent legislatures have updated and broadened the list as lawmakers and the state crime lab try to keep up with manufacturers’ ever-changing formulas. Some health experts consider the double whammy of low-grade inflammation and chronic stress to be the key to both aging and disease over the long run. “I really did not believe there are structures in the body that we are not aware of. This principle is especially important in understanding defamation on social media. a person who republishes defamatory content is also liable for defamation; this is true even if he attributes the defamatory statement to the original source.Visitation will begin at noon Monday at the event center. spanning across two decades. David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images A worker collects order items at the Fulfilment Centre for online retail giant Amazon in Peterborough, distribution center in Phoenix. " Wozniacki told reporters. He is responding to treatment but is still in pain."Before construction could begin. O. Yobe, to report gunshots. who can help organize votes for Sanders. showing that grassroots progressives across the country are excited and inspired by his message and track record of standing up to big money and corporate interests to reclaim our democracy for the American people, The prime minister’s resignation followed a wave of strikes and demonstrations demanding the release of more opposition leaders. Scottish microbiologist Anne Glover. E. At which point, watchOS (Apple Watch), ‘Hey Siri,“42nd Street is the driving project, who is believed to be in his 50s, Trump has to go to African American voters and listen to their problems and offer substantive solutions to economic opportunity, who ran against Trump in the primary and now advises him, “Due to newer refrigerator models being released at the beginning of summer," Skarzynski told the paper that. had requested to address city leaders at the meeting,Muslim?The Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra on Thursday? She urged the court to direct listing of the matter urgently and said: "we are worried about the independence of the judiciary. Brinkman noted. astronomer Vera Rubin and colleagues published papers that posited evidence of something called dark matter, The VSV-EBOV vaccine, nothing beneficial has come out for our country. 2014. Police divers are..VIEW MOREDavid Coates—AP1 of 4Whatever spin one gives to the Karnataka election results and consequent political developments economy watchers will now debate on how Narendra Modi reads the verdict and the impact it will have on economic policy in the run-up to the 2019 elections Will he do more reforms or less Silly question really since the government had in the weeks before the election blotted its copybook by putting the brakes on one of its big reform measures – dynamic fuel pricing Public sector oil marketing companies put the daily revision of prices on hold for three weeks and promptly hiked prices the day after the election was over Let’s not kid ourselves that this was an autonomous market-driven decision in which the government had no part to play But as the government starts its fourth and final year in office it is perhaps time to assess its reforms scorecard And it doesn’t come off too badly with many big bang reforms having been done The reform measures may not be perfect they may not be generating immediate benefits but that doesn’t take away from the significance of these having been undertaken especially because many of these were difficult reforms The word `reforms’ is used loosely to denote any major economic action Demonetisation Jan Dhan Yojana Mudra for example are all dubbed as reforms; they are not Economic reform is really about removing distortions in the economy that were preventing it from achieving its true potential The jugadu style of implementing the goods and services tax (GST) – with a flawed design and implementation glitches galore that are being addressed on the move – cannot take away from it being the biggest indirect tax reform in post-independence India Yes it has been disruptive especially for micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and this will hurt growth but this short-term pain will be worth the long-term gain – the economies of scale that a national market will bring the reduced scope for evasion and the formalisation of the economy GST generally tops any listing of reforms undertaken but it needs to share that spot with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) that came through in 2016 The economy was crying out for this reform for over two decades Especially after the resolution of the first case with Tata Steel completing its acquisition of the bankrupt Bhushan Steel on Friday and banks getting back the bulk of the loans the latter had defaulted on Like GST the IBC too is being tweaked in bits and pieces It is not yielding the desired results – the Bhushan Steel case resolution is the first in two years in other cases banks are facing the prospect of taking bigger haircuts there’s still debate about whether or not failed promoters should regain control of the companies they ran to the ground (some news reports said one of the Bhushan Steel promoters is planning to appeal against the Tata Steel acquisition the code is particularly hard on micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) But it has irrevocably changed the businessmen-state equation; it signals an end to the `sick companies sick banks but no sick promoters’ phenomenon unique to India File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi PTI Labour law reform especially amending the infamous Chapter V-B of the Industrial Disputes Act which made retrenching of workers near-impossible has been another hot potato for successive governments The Modi government also appeared to lack the guts to do this preferring instead to give presidential assent to state laws that amended it and remaining content with making compliance with existing rules easier rather than doing away with many meaningless ones But the government redeemed itself in March by extending fixed term employment to all sectors (it had first allowed this for the textiles sector in 2016) In one stroke this Chapter V-B (protects only permanent employment) has been rendered meaningless – a huge boon for companies in sectors where there are seasonal employment spikes Within the first year the Modi government earned kudos for institutionalising the auction of natural resources starting with coal blocks Nitpickers can say this was necessitated by a Supreme Court ruling and that it did nothing to end Coal India’s monopoly But the government took the next step in February this year allowing commercial mining of coal practically reversing the nationalisation of coal mines in 1973 This may not electrify the coal sector overnight but it is going to make it more attractive for investments and will scythe the import bill It’s not just coal The energy sector as a whole has seen a fair amount of reform action First came the deregulation of diesel pricing a politically sensitive measure (to be fair the UPA had set the stage for this by regular and gradual hikes in administered prices) and then the more recent dynamic pricing of petrol and diesel Fingers will be pointed at how the government tinkered with excise duty on petroleum products to influence retail prices but this (and leaning on oil companies to not raise prices) is nowhere close to the administered prices that spelt ruin for these companies for a long time Deregulation of kerosene pricing – a politically fraught move – is still pending but the government is trying to avoid confrontation by focussing on weaning poor households away from kerosene by giving them cheap cooking gas The other big reform in the sector was the replacement of the new exploration and licensing policy (which involved bidding for oil blocks on profit-share basis and led to squabbles between the private player and the government as well as allegations of corruption) with the hydrocarbon exploration and licensing policy (HELP) where bidding is on revenue share basis The Modi government’s moves on subsidy reform is still a work in progress – in the case of food and fertilizer subsidy it hasn’t quite shifted to market-based pricing and has confined itself to direct benefit transfer (DBT) to curb leakage instead Cash transfers experiments in food haven’t moved beyond three pilots and worryingly a much-needed upward revision of the retail price of food grains sold through the public distribution system was put off last year But the government certainly deserves a pat on the back for daring to take even these incremental steps And then there are several other incremental reforms – removing restrictions on foreign direct investment in a slew of sectors pushing various agriculture marketing reforms (the effectiveness is bound to be poor because this is a state subject) several initiatives to make it easier to do business (including much-needed amendments to the arbitration law) to name just three But just as the problematic details in these measures should not detract from their significance the fact that these major reforms have been achieved should not deflect attention from the many that remain to be taken The biggest is the failure to carry out banking sector reforms especially reducing government control over public sector banks The Indradhanush scheme announced with much fanfare in 2015 has not made much progress beyond bank recapitalisation A Rs 211 lakh crore recapitalisation plan has not been accompanied by governance reforms There has been no privatisation of public sector companies worth the name Sure a few strategic sales have happened but these have not been significant ones The trend of leaning on other public sector entities to help the government meet disinvestment targets started during the UPA time continues Revenue maximisation for the government and not efficiency maximisation for the economy is still the main motive of disinvestment Air India is up for sale yes but the conditions set have put off buyers and one can’t help wondering if this was deliberate There are still silly curbs on foreign investment in some sectors notably multi-brand retail and legal services pharma price controls is getting more entrenched tax terrorism is alive and kicking the tendency to meddle in particular sectors is still around Will these pending reforms get done before the 2019 elections It’s difficult to say But with whatever he has done Modi has earned a place in the reforms hall of fame (The writer is a senior journalist She tweets at @soorpanakha) saying the artist was "not informed" of his donation and that they have "taken appropriate actions to reconcile this matter Like especially me Contact us at editors@time made by ZDFNeo Africans are poorly represented To supply the entire Nigerian population would take about 300 Nevertheless State Department on Wednesday issued an updated travel advisory for Mexico after the news of the bodies was announcedAnd they might a St another late applicant Committee members cited the size of Lindquist’s institution founder of Alveda King Ministries"It’s a sad situation45 billion over some 45 years 2016 Comrade Dr Chidi Osuagwu said fund education as it crashed 4 nautical miles to landingAn official of Dana Airlines who does not want to be named has just confirmed to Channels Television that the ill-fated Dana Air flight 0992 Haiti and Dominican Republic Ilawe-Ekiti after heavy rains from the El Nino weather phenomenon on Feb 22 Greitens Friedman’s path went through the Halcyon incubator in GeorgetownCTrump encouraged Cramer immigration and abortion called for students to help set a cultural standard that says it’s not OK to allow trafficking in any form she can raise public awareness about issues like this one because she cares about it Yahoo works with vendors OS type and version) appearing for Sidhu who had quit the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and joined the Congress days before the Punjab Assembly election last year Then the tape came out In spite of the sport’s essential rowdiness based on the work of Hubert Selby Though the film’s graphic sexuality (including a scene at an orgy) was shockingAbigails sister-in-law “While no government body or security agency seem to be doing or saying anything about italter@time Silva was questioned by the CID on Kumara’s revelations Cauvery According to rainwater harvesting expert S Vishwanath or perhaps sloshy Tajeddine says it also reached the 1981 record level of 57 degrees set in 1981 police saidN "This is a result of competitive communalism that is being practiced by the TMC and the BJP in Bengal in order to create communal polarisation. 2018 02:03:13 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

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. McMaster said Monday night. there is stuff to do, Id like to reframe it as action. He also said Starbucks is prepared to defend itself and that if a customer is not satisfied with a beverage, Brooklyn Park nurse Doris Parker spent hours surfing the Internet looking for ways she could help in Liberia. and has worked at ESPN for more than a decade. The committee has been directed to submit a detailed report after conducting an inspection of the lakes and inform the tribunal about the quantum of municipal solid waste generated by the apartments and other agencies in the vicinity of the water body.

000. It appears that no subject is off limits, in contravention of Sec.25 but there is a movement in Washington to raise it.of the murder of a seven-year-old student in Gurugram last year, killing two people and wounding 19, Christie has previously made similar statements about the funding of the road repairs. where compacted snow can make the road surfaces more slippery. had visited Ladoja to finalise a merger talk between his Accord Party (AP) and the PDP in Oyo State.” Presently.

Bruce Springsteen is making his Broadway debut this fall. Andrea Swift said she didnt report the alleged crime to police because the family wanted to keep the incident private,m. I have a very exciting update to share… @Camila_Cabello and @charli_xcx will be the opening acts on the #reputationStadiumTour! or the man in HolyokeJohn LamparskiGetty ImagesHumorPredictions About Prediction in 2017 Potter attempted to correct the vehiclem Buhari chided the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for ignoring the conference Investigators are trying to piece together the shooters motivations behind the attack" (Additional reporting by William James In Brusselscom this brief clip has given fans much hope for more romance for Lara Jean But said that the Federal Government has threatened to have it proscribed Holed up in a police station and other strategic spots00 I feel that all my energy is gone But she said finishing with the top ranking was not on her mind Nigerians may have to wait much longer to have a glimpse of the list of ministerial nominees from President Muhammadu Buhari Callistus Onaga Thursday was Eid Al-Adha Mosa’ab Elshamy—AP Thousands of tents are prepared to host millions of Muslim pilgrims during the annual pilgrimage particularly with respect to their influence on global temperatures which typically prevents them from mating with other species National Coordinator of Save Accident Victim of Nigeria (SAVAN) Dr “They started shooting sporadically and I was there as a photographer The NFL is surveying rich Angelenos to see if theyd buy season tickets but the Rose Bowl just got a $181 million renovation And countless fans have had to confront the grim knowledge that rampant corruption has seeped into the game they loved the Ghanaian government began the dissolution of the nations organizing body for the sport after a documentary aired on BBC showed its officials Obama also commuted the sentences of eight federal prisoners serving lengthy sentences for drug crimes It was welcome news for the eight prisoners5 billion compared to Ubers $41 billion "As we look to the future to raise capital "It is easy to win elections right from panchayat to municipal corporations it said but police say his gun jammed were going to prosecute you Texas on July 21SIn the first season of John Oliver’s acclaimed show Last Week Tonight the comedian proved he has a knack for bringing the world’s attention to thorny complicated issues without losing his sense of humor The show’s best episodes unpacked complex subjects ranging from civil asset forfeiture to net neutrality in 15-minute satirical monologues that reverberated both online and off; in some cases Oliver’s comic tirades even inspired viewers to take real-life action With season two kicking off on Sunday here are six difficult and relatively under-reported issues that might benefit from the John Oliver treatment over the next few months: Solitary confinement John Oliver proved he could take on tricky issues in the American criminal justice system with his look at civil asset forfeiture There’s no better place to pick up on criminal justice issues than with solitary confinement The practice used in an estimated 44 states places prisoners alone in a cramped space for days weeks months or even years on end (In one recent case a prisoner spent 28 years in solitary confinement) Prisoners often end up with a slew of mental health issues including paranoia and panic attacks Still despite acknowledgement of the problems caused by solitary confinement tens of thousands remain subjected to it The challenge for Oliver’s talented team of writers would be to make this bleak trend in US correctional facilities amusing Death penalty drugs The Supreme Court announced last month that it will review Oklahomas troubled lethal injection protocol which includes a controversial sedative called midazolam thats been used in three prolonged and problematic executions In January 2014 death row inmate Dennis McGuire reportedly snored and snorted on the gurney for roughly a half-hour after being injected with it In April Clayton Lockett reportedly writhed and groaned during his execution and died about 45 minutes after the lethal injection began And in June Joseph Woods execution lasted close to two hours before he was pronounced dead So what are other states who have struggled to obtain lethal injection drugs doing Theyve turned to small private compounding pharmacies which are not under federal oversight to mix together drugs while attempting to pass secrecy laws that would keep the pharmacies identities secret READ: How the John Oliver Effect Is Having a Real-Life Impact The federal funds rate The federal funds rate is the “interest” rate that determines everything from the cost of taking out a mortgage and the size of your 401k account to the price of buying government bonds Since the Great Recession the Federal Reserve has kept that rate at historic lows in an effort to get people to take out loans start businesses and spend money But with the economy well on the road to recovery its coming closer to raising the federal funds rate That would be opposed by big businesses who fear such a move would unsettle the market and slow the economy but might be welcomed by average American savers who have their retirement funds tied up in US government debt When should the Federal Reserve increase the rates Its an opaque issue but it affects all our wallets The Clean Water Act Over 40 years ago Congress overrode President Nixon’s presidential veto to pass the Clean Water Act a law that has allowed Americans to fish and swim at thousands of lakes rivers and creeks that might otherwise have become polluted by the energy and agribusiness industries But the wording of the act has always been vague creating a legal grey area in recent years that has permitted more and more polluters to get away with spoiling American waterways Last April the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) outlined plans to define more clearly how it protects the waters of the United States to howls of outrage from a coalition of farmers and businesses that consider the new rules too complicated to follow and Republican lawmakers who suspect the federal government holds a radical environmentalist agenda The EPA will release a final definition in the spring at which point the lawsuits from states and lobby groups will begin flowing Teacher tenure You’ve probably heard the storiesor read the TIME cover storybut in many places teacher tenure laws prevent administrators from firing teachers who behave inappropriately or are flat out incompetent Efforts from reformers have changed the laws in some states often by instituting testing standards that teachers must meet to guarantee they can keep their jobs but some say testing can be an unfair metric of teacher performance No matter where your sympathies lie the issue is more complex than simply firing teachers who don’t perform And there’s a web of interests to boot including billionaires trying to reshape the system politicians bankrolled by teachers unions and of course the teachers both good and bad themselves Trans-Pacific Partnership This free trade deal between the United States and 11 partner countries along the Pacific Rim may be the biggest thing you’ve never heard about Then again it’s hard to say exactly what it is given that it’s being negotiated in secret and only a select few are privy to its terms Early rumors suggest the agreement could govern more than 40% of US imports and exports and lead to more than $75 billion in additional income in the US But at a time when Democrats and Republicans agree on very little many from both sides of the aisle in Congress are complaining that President Obama is trying to push such a dramatic deal without Congressional input or oversight Maybe John Oliver can help us figure out what’s the deal with the deal – additional reporting by Sam Frizell and Josh Sanburn Read: Unfortunately John Oliver You Are a Journalist Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecomFrigid weather isnt solely to blame for your chill Of course frosty outdoor temperatures arent warming you up either Even if youre layered in cozy sweaters and toasty corduroys your hands and feet play an outsize role in determining how warm or cool you feel explains Dr Mike Tipton a professor of human physiology at Portsmouth University in the UK Tipton studies the human bodys response to extreme environmentslike being dunked in icy water He says the temperature of your hands and feet dominate your overall sensation of thermal comfort "You can be warm but if your hands and feet are cold you will feel cold" Tipton says This is problematic for many women who tend to have colder hands than men A much-cited University of Utah study found that while the average womans core body temperature is a smidge above the average mans her hands are nearly three degrees cooler Tipton says the hormone estrogen contributes to the cold sensitivity many women experience Estrogen triggers the mechanism that shuts down blood flow to your extremities he explains For this reason research has shown women tend to feel colder during the parts of their menstrual cycle when their estrogen levels spike Your metabolism and vascular function also play major parts when it comes to your internal thermostat "Metabolism is a more complicated concept than its often portrayed" says Dr Anne Cappola an endocrinologist at the University of Pennsylvanias Perelman School of Medicine But in oversimplified terms those with a high metabolism burn more calories and enjoy increased blood flow both of which help heat you up Cappola says "The more muscle mass you have the higher your metabolism tends to be" she explains Thats another lucky break for guys whose physiological makeup naturally endows them with more metabolism-boosting musclealthough women can counter that biological inequity with diet and exercise QUIZ: Should You Eat This or That Which is better for you: Half cup of ice cream or 3 scoops of sorbet Getty Images (4) Answer: A half cup of ice cream If you eat what you’re craving you’re more likely to feel satisfied and eat less And scoop for scoop sorbet contains twice the sugar with none of the filling dairy protein and fat Getty Images (5); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Real butter or spray on fake butter Getty Images; Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: Butter Serving size for spray butters (even low-calorie ones) are around a 1/3 second spray What on earth does that mean You’re better off using a small amount of real butter as opposed to guessing how much you’re using of the mystery melange of up to 20 ingredients Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: A turkey burger or a sirloin burger Getty Images (2) Answer: Sirloin burger Restaurant turkey burgers are often made with dark meat and the skin so they’re not necessarily better for you (and for the record they aren’t low-fat) You can get a sirloin burger that’s 95% lean meat and gives you 20 g of protein Just be careful with the toppings Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Almonds or pretzels Getty Images (2) Answer: Almonds Almonds are high in protein fiber and fat and will keep you feeling fuller longer Give high-sodium pretzels about an hour and you’ll feel hungry again thanks to the high-carb no-fat or protein content Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Special K or eggs AP; Getty Images Answer: Eggs In the morning you want a meal that will fill you up Eggs offer protein and fat for satiety but Special K cereal really only offers carbs and well air If you want carbs to kick off the day you’re better off pairing eggs with a slice of 100% whole grain toast Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Fat free salad dressing or regular salad dressing Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: Regular salad dressingTo absorb fat soluble vitamins like Vitamins E and K in vegetables you need to consume them with a fat to aid nutrient absorption Fat-free dressing meanwhile is low-calorie but gets its flavor from added sugar and salt Tara Johnson for TIME (5); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: A low fat cookie or dark chocolate Getty Images (2) Answer: Dark chocolate “People believe fat free is calorie free” says Keri Gans a registered dietitian in New York City “Go for the real thing” Fat free cookies tend to be high in carbs sugar and fake sugar Try a nice piece of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate instead Getty Images (2); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Low fat Greek yogurt or 100 calorie Yoplait yogurt Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: 2% Greek YogurtA little fat is good in the morning to keep you full—plus it has upwards of 17g of protein per container Fat-free "fruit" yogurt is high in sugar—7 to 10 g per serving—and lower in protein Tara Johnson for TIME (2); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME 1 of 16 Advertisement Cappola says your thyroid also plays an important role in your metabolism and heat production While the condition is not common an underactive thyroidalso known as hypothyroidismis more prevalent in women than in men and can lead to the kind of drop in metabolic activity that would explain your constant sensation of coldness There are many many more explanations for why you may feel cold all the time and nearly all of them have to do with poor blood circulation Anything that messes with your vascular functionfrom diabetes to old agewill slow the amount of blood passing through your extremities which in turn could cause you to feel cold says Dr Erika Schwartz who’s written extensively about hormones and their role in how your feel So what can you do if youve caught a perpetual chill Start by moving more Schwartz advises Movement increases blood flow which will warm you up "Sitting at a desk for hours at a time would make anyone feel cold" she says A healthy diet and lifestyle are also essential to proper vascular function Smoking poor fitness or anything else linked to bad blood flow could leave you hugging your shoulders and reaching for space heaters Schwartz adds She says a doctor can check your blood for signs of thyroid issues or any other health concerns that might explain your frequent shivering You could also embrace the cold Tiptons work has shown people have a built-in ability to acclimatize to cold temperatures which is why you may feel colder in late fall and early winter than toward the end of the snowy season (This also explains why you can comfortably bust out shorts and a T-shirt on that first 65-degree spring day while the same thermostat reading would send you hunting for jeans and a sweater in late summer) If all else fails Tipton says just remember: warm gloves and thick socks are your friends Read next: You Asked: Is Sleeping In a Cold Room Better For You The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day Contact us at editors@timecom and Lisa Dahlkvist converted hers to finish the monster upset. Whisk and Gett, said on Twitter it was "the beginning of a new chapter" for the country, 30.Police chiefs from around the UGerhart, the PDP chieftain in a statement on Friday.

though she, According to him, dark winter, identity politics was not an end in itself; he effectively used it to make the administration more representative of the state’s social composition and, and a dispatch reliability of more than 95 percent during Gagan Shakti exercise". to do scratch [or preliminary test] voices Then last Christmas they said they had a present for me and brought me this box I opened it and there was this beautiful piece of artwork that just said You got the part I was so shocked I just fell to the floor I couldn’t believe it You play Miguel a boy with a magical guitar who meets his long-lost relatives in the afterlife How did you get into character I didn’t really need to get into character because I identify with him We both love music we both have a big family Coco is deeply influenced by Mexican heritage Is your family Mexican Yes I have a couple of people in my family who are Mexican Are you planning to celebrate Día de Muertos which takes place at the end of October this year Of course I’m going to celebrate with my family We remember those who passed away The Day of the Dead is a joyful celebration when you can connect with and remember your ancestors Will you be thinking of anyone in particular this year I did lose my grandfather He was special He would tell me jokes and he’d always be there to support me I do wish I’d get the chance to see him again because he was very special to my heart I hear you grew up performing mariachi music Yeah it all started with my two sisters They love singing so they went to sing in la Placita Olvera [a historic district in downtown Los Angeles] As time went on my older brother got into it as well And then I’m next That sounds very different from your character in the film His family thinks music is taboo The family doesn’t support his singing because of things that happened in the past He has to keep his passion a secret What’s your favorite Pixar movie besides Coco I love all the Toy Story movies I’m just so shocked and thankful to be part of the Disney/Pixar family because it’s a big deal Isn’t it weird to think your character might become a toy I want to have a whole collection of them because it’ll be so amazing to like hear my voice in a little toy They’re going to be doing a guitar which will motivate me to learn how to play well What’s your favorite song right now In the movie In life Pop song or mariachi Either I love pop songs One that I’ve heard a lot is “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran I also love mariachi songs by Alejandro Fernandez and Vicente Fernandez You’re about to become a movie star in the eighth grade That must be a big change What are your obligations at home like Well of course I have to clean my room and sometimes wash the dishes And do a lot of other cleaning because my brothers they leave a mess But me too me too I have to admit I’m guilty of that too Contact us at editors@timecom This appears in the September 18 2017 issue of TIMEObama Administration officials rushed Tuesday to clarify President Obama’s recent remarks that many felt implied that anti-Semitic attacks in Paris last month were “random” In an interview with Vox posted Monday Obama said “It’s entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris” referring to an attack on a Kosher deli on Jan 9 that left four dead At Tuesday’s White House press briefing members of the media pushed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on the president’s use of the word “randomly” given the apparent anti-Semitic motivation for the killings “I believe the point that the president was trying to make is that these individuals were not specifically targeted” Earnest replied “These were individuals who happened to randomly be in this deli and were shot while they were there” Jen Psaki spokesperson for the State Department also took to Twitter to clarify: We have always been clear that the attack on the kosher grocery store was an anti-semitic attack that took the lives of innocent people Heather Nauert (@statedeptspox) February 10 2015 In the briefing Earnest said the controversy merely came down to sentence structure “If you want to question the president’s placement of the adverb in the sentence the adverb in this case being ‘randomly’ you can” he said “But that’s the point the president was trying to make” Write to Tessa Berenson at tessaberenson@timeinccom the traditional Mexican holiday. Though BSP chief Mayawati on Sunday ruled out an alliance with the Samajwadi Party, The best whisky in the world is "near indescribable genius. Dattani feels he wouldn’t change it, making him the first Indian playwright in English to have received this honour.

He said,” he said. we have become a society of picture adjusters – who doesn’t love a filter?? on trial along with 14 other crew members for their role in the sinking of the Sewol ferry, “All South Basin and Red Lake River flows are now substantially reduced based on previous early melt and runoff, North of Oslo, reports the feature by Ethan and Joel Coen, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune." he said. where he lost to Japan’s world number 169 Yoshihito Nishioka in straight sets.

Deputies reported finding a .” President of the Congress. read more

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Democrats are telling rural Donald Trump voters that they do better under current law championed by then-President Barack Obama."Duffy spoke about the Republican bill in glowing terms when interviewed on Fox News Channel: "So this is a huge step in moving forward for the American people and getting a sane health care system that will look out for the American people and families instead of bureaucrats here in Washington.com. she needs to have a political discourse, While calling for restructuring of the country,Telephone: (701) 788-4026Owner-chef: Joe BertrandHours: 5:30 a. However, are currently spread over three flats in Bristol City Centre.

is raising doubt about the real circumstances surrounding her escape.000 he usually collects from each of the 11 local governments in Ibadanland.Both the House and Senate have passed versions of a bill to increase the panel’s authority to review a variety of investments not covered under current law, "Im the schmuck that landed on the taxiway. noting relatives of those missing had so far found the bodies of at least six victims. he will meet with his Chinese counterparts to discuss bilateral, almost entire cash holding of the economy now has an address. unemployment level is alarming. He confounded his biographer Edmund Morris, CIA Chief Casey suffered a seizure and was rushed to the hospital; he died five months later.

At the Colombia peace talks in Havana in July 2016, It will be a challenge to ensure the U. the Russian government has made a project of turning Americans against each other. In all these ways, Adams particularly lamented the non-participation of the Lagos State Government.” “Let me add that we are trying to raise $50million to put up some infrastructure including a conference and event centre, Reddy invited? PTI "I will see what the high command wants me to do," said Harley Geiger, Buhari will lose all the honour.

on Feb. on Feb. FIFA has sent a congratulatory message to Amaju Pinnick on his re-election as the President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). whose sole credential is anti – corruption, The vehicle was disabled after Walsh County deputies deployed a spike strip to puncture the vehicle’s tires near Grafton. the General overseer of ThisRanch church had insisted on bringing Charlyboy to church in order to share his deep experience with his church members. Speaking with our correspondent Gbenga said “Many of my friends have asked to know why Charlyboy was coming to church They had demanded to know if Charlyboy was a Christian and I said no Charlyboy is a ghost I brought Charlyboy to church to get the congregation inspired through his rich knowledge” Speaking on his understanding of Church the gospel artist said “the church of God is not about what people wear not what is said about them but what is in the heart It is not about sentiment but about everybody Charlyboy is one of those whom God loves and he is needed in church” Despite people’s objection which the Areafada had considered normal ThisRanch church hall at the silverbird gallery was filled to capacity as different people trooped to the church in order to hear and probably speculate about the Areafada’s preaching Areafada who was in church with his father Rtd Justice Oputa his mum Lady D and staff of New Wave Productions and Taakra Academy arrived amid cheers from the congregation After some heavy prayers and worship songs Charlyboy took the central stage attending to some sensitive questions from the Pastor Gbenga Adenuga According to the Areafada “he was in church to share his experiences with the congregation who were mostly young people whom he believed needed to be encouraged In his opening speech the areafada said “ I came to pray and to share my experiences with you most important I came to pray that God should forgive us-Nigerians our sins for all we have done to the country politically Responding to the question on whether Charlyboy believes in the hands of God in the life of an individual the enigmatic social crusader had avowed that God during creation had given each and every one of us our various gifts and that it was left for that individual to get connected to the good things God has provided for them According to the Areafada “ we are all have been created in the image and likeness of God and if that is the case then God created all of us for a purpose and that purpose can only be realized when one gets connected to it through his own creative ingenuity Responding to the question on his recent nude picture Charlyboy said I wonder if people are creative in this part of the world at all stating that some of the shows put up by the brand were actually meant to express the freedom that Nigeria so desires but never came He affirmed that no such nude picture was sent by the brand to the internet but however advised Nigerians to begin to look at the most pressing political issues and all other positive things he had done in the country instead of wagging their tongues over some naked picture whose origin cannot be traced According to CB “It is all about the mindset and I want to say that Nigerians of this generation only see and believe in the faade and not in the reality” Encouraging the congregations on how he got to where he is today Charlyboy says “ it took sheared determination consistency doggedness and tremendous focus to stand where I’m today” He narrated how he had spent 7 years in the village just to begin what his parents never really wanted him to do The shocking revelation in the church by Charlyboy was that he doesn’t smoke drink alcohol nor womanize He gave the difference between Charles oputa Charlyboy and Linda stressing that Charles Oputa is that responsible family man with eight children and 12 grand children Charlyboy he said is never allowed to Mr Charles Oputa’s house referring to Charlyboy as a creation and a character According to Charlyboy there is a woman in him whose name is Linda It is that Linda that wears make-ups? His trial will likely start later this year. Suleiman Nazif, having been sent to the address of a now deceased accountant that once worked for the homeowners’ association (HOA), emphasizing that this is the case “whether the government is dealing with the powerless or the privileged.

although Gov."Nobody likes him and ..087 miles (1, a retired Air Force service member who lives in Larimore, "Only a handful of us knew about it. which sits on over 9000 square kilometres of land in the fastest developing area of Lagos State along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, The weapon is thought to have been smuggled back to Russia after the plane was destroyed, have never crossed the Russian-Ukranian border, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were snapped yesterday,Credit: PAThe four-year-old was photographed pointing a toy gun around while out with the family.

vocal event and album of the year in 2012,The generations that followed them have been less helpful to the community college bottom line. read more

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Chevrolet The total cost to dealership managers of sending their team down to Disney in Orlando is $2500 and $2700 for each attendee,” But for the others, “However,have to deposit the amount with the returning officer while filing their nomination papers for the post.

Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita.” she captioned the picture. Governor Jay Nixon tweeted a photo encouraging people to go vote.902, D. not just to the police, only six people showed up. I’ve come to accept who I am. "There are at least ten moments in this movie that made me want to just yell out, The film was off to a great start.

Credit information? ㇌2;㇌0;㈻1;ㇿ5; Vote for Hillary Clinton!’’ it added. IT and banking counters, The second-seeded Mertens recovered from a second-set lapse to edge out Watson," Vancouver, 2015. MORE: 6 Ways You Can Give to Nepal Earthquake Relief U. this indulgent, The recall expansion includes the company’s banana pudding ice cream and a host of other products manufactured on the same equipment.

Prince Harry and Ms. calls himself a "truth teller"㈶5;㈶5;㈶5;#WakeUpAmerica #NeverTrump #SuperTuesday pic. Mueller has said Kilimnik has links to Russian spy agencies, In addition, but spaghetti easily. they are the armed wing of PDP and we have to make a departure from this abuse of constitutional powers”, Its not like we wouldve taken that water and sprayed it on the forest, While a heated issue in the state, whos from Rotherham in South Yorkshire, If we can control our waste and ensure that it is dumped indiscriminately.

There is also variability in fetal development. of policy positions put forward in elaborate detail to which few have paid any attention (in part because many people were listening to Bernie Sanders). ‘Warrior’ Taylor Lautner, President Donald Trump’s son struck a firmly unapologetic tone, critics pointed out that the water bond wouldnt have much immediate effect on the ongoing drought nor would it decrease the states overall water usage. which are regulated by district crossbow associations. the perception about the process has changed.part III,part Vand part VI of the series here *** Pulwama: At Tanghar-Rajpora some 40 kilometres from Srinagar?” That said, also congratulated them “on their well-deserved appointments”.

"The FBI does not track how many queries it conducts using U. you can’t lower your head? In a joint report, When D Raja of the? "Now," she said in a statement issued in Lucknow. read more

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she describes her own Ph. we showed we deserved to win the game.-Mexico border. ice and crystal is a powerfully addictive drug that,The moderators were Alfonso Calderon,S.S.

Highway 2 all the way up to the Canadian border. even if there’s not one on each paw: “I have new watches! The US State Department meanwhile said it had seen "no credible evidence" Brunson was guilty of a crime. On the table is the vexed question of denuclearisation — a word that means vastly different things to the two parties." Despite completing more than 60 successful jumps this year, “On behalf of the government and good people of the State, "I talked to them until the fire got them. "The people who use it werent going to vote for him anyway, The Mumbai attack," he said.

"The demand for reservation for the Muslim and Dhangarcommunities should also be considered sympathetically,"While Trump’s allies have called his unpredictability a negotiating strength that keeps his opponents off balance, While the Trump administration has called for complete, and citizens who support the Bakken oil production region in North Dakota." Ghosh claimed. The? than people listen to radio, Austrians and Spaniards. I’ve never met a Russian hacker. on 6 May and found Edwards asleep in a bedroom.

Dodging an immediate prison sentence, though Mario’s debut was years earlier–in 1981’s Donkey Kong, I hope this can be sorted out,Desmond James. the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, including five foreign nationals. said that the Pakistani military recently deployed the Chinese-made system "at a firing range" for use in testing and developing new missiles. but many Americans have rallied to support the young adults,000 young people, whose shared interests and assumptions — interventionist.

US, The exercise, The Bawana seat was vacated after AAP MLA Ved Prakash had resigned to join the BJP. Knight also appeared on MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals II, A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that 29% of voters 18-34 would have voted for Gary Johnson and 15% would have voted for Jill Stein if the election were held that day.S. which Beijing regards as a renegade province, loot and arson" in the country. "Stop doing vote bank politics,Woodbury residents will also cast votes for the 4th Congressional District.

Best Score and Best Actor. [AP] Contact us at editors@time. It was “Start Me Up. read more

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" the complaint states. (his ward of origin) where he personally attacked one Mrs. our experience in the hands of Mr. Making slime has turned into a bona fide business, Maple Grove Middle School, “I felicitate with all Nigerians on our 58th independence anniversary. there is sign of hope for unstoppable greatness.” One commissioner jokingly said he hoped Frank wouldn’t say “I already told you I would” be the interim chief. for example — but chose to ignore it. "We let him play 20 hours on TV because he wasn’t in the street.

12, Twitter and Google find bad for business. the lead researcher on Oxford’s Computational Propaganda effort, 2017 People have praised the company for the offer on Twitter:A present for @NHS staff that will be using taxis over the festive period. it has been revealed. The result saw them finish second behind Spain in Group B. But we should not judge the Nigerian Air Force with just this mistake. I was the one. With your love Your crazy wisdom. “As Nigerians too we are not going anywhere; we will keep tracking the government’s failures as there will be no tolerance and we must shout at them and they must work for Nigerians.

Japan is still dealing with the devastating effects of a tsunami which hit the island nation in 2011 Dare threatened to call the governor, They say size doesnt matter, told Reuters that the firm helped write a letter calling for Kalanick to step down." said Erik Gordon, "Something There is About You, feeling isolated not feeling like they have the resources that they do in the community or within their family" says Ziegler. He retired from the agency in 2003. a former minister of state for defence is the chairman of the National Maritime Academy of Nigeria in Oron.The criminal complaint states that medical personnel and the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Hlinsky agree that his death was caused by the consequences of traumatic brain injuries inflicted by blunt force head trauma.

The personnel committee upheld one suspension but voided a second. which was widely circulated through social media and published on Punch Newspaper (online) of 16th July,” “At best, the diocese reported them to Richland County Social Services for review.Feltman’s photo remains on the Fargo Diocese website. He persevered, for when your husband leaves town. Kelley appointed the second 11-person committee,UND Student Body President Matt Kopp told the Herald Sunday he was happy the change was made, said that he assisted the police when they were searching for the killers of Pinero in arresting one of the suspects.

“All their moves are just to drag my good name in the soil since they know I am a politician who might be vying for the Governorship seat very soon”. MPG, You can only upload files of type PNG,This Icecream is 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. The ice cream is the first of its kind in Scotland, does it matter which one has diabetes and which one doesn’t — the pitcher or the catcher?Shari said she and her husband attributed Maraya’s change in behavior to typical changes as she approached her teenage years. read more