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know Shanghai Longfeng people should know the role of the nofollow tag, his role is to search engine that this link and the Never mind. When spider climb, nofollow tag is encountered will directly blocked links. Is the way to deal with this cheating chain, changing the chain opened the website of the other side of the source file, use the domain name search tool to find their own, if found to have nofollow label, which do not consider the direct link deleted.

1: the use of JS code to call your

is the chain rich every webmaster expected, "content is king, the chain for emperor" is not less webmaster to reprint. One can see that the chain to a site is very important. I usually do the chain has the following channels: Forum, inquiry platform, free information release platform, the weight of the high site submission, Post Bar, blogs and Links. In front of several people basically a lot of people are doing, relative exchange Links will be more difficult, but also have no effect, Links came directly. Links if the weight of the high site that the effect will be better. Then exchange Links on both sides is a good thing, but that some people have to do the Links, they will cheat you Links. This person said the ugly point is shameless. Today I’ll be here to share a few methods Links cheat me some recognition, and I hope to help you.

this kind of deception is all in.


this method is easy to implement, the specific approach is to link to your home page on the display, but is called by JS, the first page of the source file and not your site links. This link if you don’t have to check carefully if it is easy to be fooled. Is this kind of deception behavior identification method, when you change the end link time, see the other web page source file, and then use the search tool to find their own domain name. If not, it is to use the JS call link to deceive. Of course, you can also use Links detection tools to detect, if not back to the chain, there is a problem.

of your link is placed in the iframe box link

iframe box is generally used to place ads, this framework is not conveying weight to the inside of the link. If people put a chain in the iframe box you on your site is not the slightest effect. Check method or by check the website of the source file, if there is a iframe framework for the use of direct links to each other.


in your links

4: random delete chain

3: the


2: add nofollow tag

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