Racist former US SWAT officer calls Sikh US soldier a Muslim on Twitter, faces heat for stupidity

first_imgA Twitter user who goes by the name Clinton has ‘Former US Border Patrol, NM LEO SWAT officer’ written in his bio. But a tweet he made on September 4 gave the world a better idea about him. Firstly, he is a Donald Trump supporter, and secondly, he lacks common sense.Clinton made a racist tweet against Muslims but used a Sikh US soldier’s photo in the tweet. Clearly, anyone who sports a full bears and wears a turban are Muslims for him. Maybe, he doesn’t know about Sikhs at all. Or maybe, he hates them all alike because for him, they are all immigrants.His hate-filled tweet said, “everything that Islam stands for is anti-American” and asks people their opinion. He also uses #Trump in the tweet.To represent Muslim immigrants, Clinton used Captain Simratpal Singh’s photo. Captain Simratpal is the same Sikh soldier who made headlines after the US Army allowed him to keep his beard and wear a turban.Clinton’s tweet has been retweeted only 157 times but he’s facing flak for the ignorant, racist tweet.  A Twitter user by the name Meanwhile in Canada called him out. This person also tried to put some sense into Clinton’s racist head and tried to explain how wearing a turban is an integral part of Sikh religion. The tweet also said, “FREEDOM of religion. Understand? Freedom = good. Your attitude = ignorant”.But Clinton, much like others blinded by hatred, did not pay heed. He responded saying Islam is not a religion.  The argument soon saw more participants, some trying to explain how everybody following a particular religion can be tagged as extremists for the action of a few. But it all fell on deaf ears.advertisement Responses to the tweet also exposed a sad reality. There are many who think the way Clinton does.last_img

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