“Tomorrow Mbappé will cost € 40M”

first_imgThere are many voices predicting that there will be a before and after in football finances after this economic crisis derived from the coronavirus pandemic. Real Madrid itself fears a technical bankruptcy of the industry if it is not possible to play this season or if the next one begins behind closed doors and the box office money is lost. Roures, in Spain, spoke of the farewell to the “transfers of one hundred million”. In France it has been the MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit, well known in his country, who has raised the alarm about Mbappé, star of the PSG: “Tomorrow, after the coronavirus crisis, it will not be worth more than 35 or 40 million in 200 “place. “And who can buy it?” Continues the politician in a column in Ouest France, which predicts: “This crisis will clean up the irrationality of professional sports. It is as if there had been a nuclear attack and had to be rebuilt, but at other bases. There will be a de facto regulation. It would be necessary to go even further with a salary cap. It is a reorganization that passes not only for the salaries of the players, but also for the right to image and advertising. We have to break the system of managers, of those who do exorbitant business in soccer. I don’t think soccer players do it worse because they are paid less. In the future, in football television contracts, it will have to be determined that a percentage goes to the Olympic sport and another to the amateur sport, for example ”. The truth is that Daniel Cohn-Bendit puts his finger on the sore of a situation that keeps all the greats of Europe in a tense standby. Real Madrid itself does not have the certainty that large operations will be carried out this summer. At least, in the roadmap marked to sign Mbappé, events keep him safe. He was going to undertake his signing in the summer of 2021, when the star had only one contract left. And the idea remains. By then, the situation will be clear. “What would have been a disaster,” they admit within Real Madrid, “is that we would have entered into an astronomical operation for Mbappé and then the economic disaster would have come.”last_img

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