Usain Bolt

first_imgA recent picture of Usain Bolt winning the 100 meter dash in the World Championships this summer, showed Bolt finishing slightly ahead of his 4 American pursuers.  What caught my eye in this S.I. picture was the fact that the two closest Americans to Bolt were both looking over their shoulders to see where Bolt was.In a race where winning margins are fractions of a second, anything you do to slow your body down is going to be major.  This practice had to add a fraction of a second to each runner because when the head turns so do the shoulders.  Just this slight movement is enough to break the rhythm of the run.  Kids in junior high should be taught to run through the line before you do any looking, slowing down, or celebrating.I am not sure if anyone could have beaten Bolt, but looking for him sure didn’t help.last_img

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