Flights in and out of Iloilo Airport suspended

first_img“These ordersrestrict our ability to mount flights and accommodate passengers affected bycancellations. We continue to monitor developments and will provide updates onany changes to our flights,” the airline added. Cebu Pacific suspended its Iloilo-Hong Kong (and vice versa)flights but kept its Iloilo-Singapore (and vice versa) flights. Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China, and Singaporehave confirmed cases of infection from the virus which originated in theChinese city of Wuhan. As part of the quarantine from March 16 to April 15, Gov. ArthurDefensor Jr. imposed travel restrictions. He enjoined common carriers to“advice persons intending to travel to Iloilo about the quarantine; refuseissuance of any public transport contract/ticket; and/or refuse boarding onpublic transport, in so far as applicable.” Mamon discussed the travel restrictions yesterday afternoon withmanagers of airlines (Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, Air Asia) andcommon carriers (land transport). She got their assurance to comply.  All aircraft operations are suspended except when they have tocater to the following: CAAP-Iloilo asked its central office for the suspension. * members of the Philippine National Police and all branches ofthe Armed Forces of the Philippines * persons travelling for urgent medical reasons * health workers responding to emergency In January, Defensor called for a temporary suspension ofinternational flights (to and from Hong Kong and Singapore) at the IloiloAirport. * persons traveling into the province on common carriers and/ortransport for the  conduct of trade,delivery of social/humanitarian services, fishing/marine activities,scientific/academic pursuit, and such other essential purposes, other thancarriage of passengers Yesterday, Cebu Pacificannounced all its domestic flights would be canceled starting March 20 untilApril 14, in line with the quarantine placed over Metro Manila and the rest ofLuzon over COVID-19. “May we respectfully request for your voluntary cessation ofinternational flights to and from the countries positive for the novelcoronavirus immediately,” read part of Defensor’s letter addressed to LeahVallido, operation manager of Cebu Pacific Air at the Iloilo Airport inCabatuan, Iloilo. Defensor formally made known his request to Cebu Pacific Airthrough a letter. The provincial government welcomed CAAP’s move. It was furnished acopy of the request signed by CAAP-Iloilo acting airport manager Manuela LuisaPalma, according to Provincial Administrator Suzette Mamon. ILOILO – The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP)has ordered the suspension of flights in and out of the Iloilo Airport fromMarch 18 to April 14 in line with the ongoing “general community quarantine”against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in this province. “(T)here areconstant updates to the travel restrictions being imposed by various Philippineand international governments,” Cebu Pacific explained in a Mondayadvisory. In the sameadvisory, Cebu Pacific clarified that domestic flights to and from Manilaremained canceled./PNlast_img

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