The myth of the “Trinche” goes back to the Teatro del Barrio

first_imgThe legend of the TrenchJorge Eines saw it, wrote a monologue that grew to a play, with José Ramón Fernández as co-author. “The Trench It could be better than Maradona but he didn’t want to, ”Garofalo argues. He preferred to stay close to his home, his friends, the neighborhood, because he liked to fish, although there were those who called him differently: little ambition, alcohol problems. “I played to win, not to die,” argues his character in the play. Those who saw him play do not forget that game of preparation for the 1974 World Cup in Germany in which Argentina played a friendly against a team of players from Rosario, the Trench among them, they call it “the greatest”.Between piles of newspapers and books, between quotes from Sastre, Nietzsche or Spinoza and memories of Pelé and Maradona transit the work. Philosophical, lucid, emotional. Every night, when you turn off your spotlights, it is rounded con a cultural debate with actors, directors. The day of the premiere was Ángel Cappa. And it was meridian: “It’s a wonder. And his message, today, more necessary than ever ”. As the figure of the Trinche. “The game is a way of being”. That phrase is heard, the light goes up, two men appear on the scene. Begins The trench, the best footballer in the world, the play around Tomás Felipe Carlovich, that Trench which is legend despite playing almost always in the B, Central Córdoba, reject even the albiceleste. Or so they say, because of Trench it is more oral, the memories of those who saw it. Little more. You barely keep pictures of yourself, videos, just nothing.But Trench, turned into a theater by playwright Jorge Eines, returns to the heart of Lavapies, to the Teatro del Barrio (Zurita, 20), after more than 100 performances throughout the world, played by Claudio Garofalo, accompanied by another actor, Lucas Ranzani, in the role of a journalist who seeks to pay tribute to him and in reality there are many at once. Ten nights, until February 16, 70 ’of a conversation that starts with football to embrace everything. The life, the demons. The origin of everything is curious: a Robinson Report. That one around the figure of the Trinche of the journalist Raúl Román, the director Edgar Delgado and the camera Adolpho Cañadas issued in 2011.last_img read more

Jon Ander Garrido suffers a fibrillar microrrotura

first_imgThe midfielder of Cádiz, graceful, had to be replaced at the last meeting held on Friday at the stadium El Molinón. The player felt muscle discomfort ten minutes after starting the second part. The cadista club does not collect information about the estimated time for recovery, which will depend among other factors of degree of injury. What is confirmed is that the Basque will miss the next meeting on Saturday against the Almeria. Low sensitive to be a fundamental part of the backbone of the team Álvaro Cervera beside Jose Mari, which will also cause termination for serving a federal sanction by being reprimanded with a direct red against the Sporting. 5center_img On Monday, he has undergone different medical tests to know the extent of the injury. The medical part issued by the doctor Salvador Castillo The following information is collected, “Jon Ander Garrido suffers a fibrillar microrotura at the junction of the vastus external with the quadricipital, which leaves him “pending evolution” after having already begun a recovery process to return as soon as possible to work with the rest of the group. “last_img read more

“I only had three days to decide whether to sign for Madrid or Barça”

first_imgBut the transfer to Madrid, at just 18 years old, was not easy for Vini. The 45 million euros it cost were a backpack that took time to take off. “I had to make everyone forget about the price. It was one of the hardest parts, more than just playing regularly.“recalls the attacker. For that, playing continuously, he also had to row upstream. He came to a team in which his coach, Julen Lopetegui, did not consider him an immediate performance asset.” He lacks cooking, “said the Vinicius himself, upon learning about Lopetegui’s plans, who offered to play for Castilla in Second B. With the subsidiary, he scored four goals in 428 minutes, in which he showed glimpses of future crack. He left with his team. But Lopetegui kept him in the train. The firing of the Spaniard and the arrival of Solari opened the sky for him. The Argentine embraced Vini as a solution to a gray season and responded, although with more daring and impudence that I succeed. With Lopetegui he played only 42 minutes in two games (without goals or goals); with Solari, 2,038 in 31 games (seven goals and 13 assists). “Fortunately, I played many games in my first season. Now I have passed 50 games with Real Madrid: few players succeed at such a young age …” Now, after an irregular start with Zidane, he has once again become Madrid’s hope. On March 1, Vinicius faced Barça at the Bernabéu and scored his first goal. Somewhat paved the way for Real Madrid to win (2-0), but the story could have been different. The Brazilian, 16 years old, had a pre-agreement with the Catalan club that was broken when Madrid appeared on the scene. The player remembered those days in the magazine FourFourTwo, in an interview that will be published in the April edition but of which there is already a preview on its website. The signing of Vinicius by the Concha Espina club began to cook in 2017, in the South American U-17. “It was just after coming back from the South American in Chile. There were already rumors in the press, but I never believed them. Both Real Madrid and Barcelona put offers on the table and I only had three days to make my decision. I always wanted to play for the best club, so that’s why I chose Real. “Barça had him tied up. He even used Neymar, who telephoned the young man to persuade him to wear the Barça shirt. But a week after reaching that preliminary agreement, Wagner Ribeiro, a well-known representative at the Bernabéu offices and a partner of TFM, Vinicius’s agency, offered it to Madrid. The pulse ended with the Brazilian from Flamengo dressed in white for 45 million. “My parents visited both clubs and they liked it more. It combined what I wanted, and I felt that their project was better for me. I saw that they gave many minutes to younger players, like me, and they were having an outstanding moment of success in the Champions League at the time. “last_img read more

June 30 and contracts: how does it affect Europe?

first_imgMertens celebrates a goal with Napoli.Ciro de Luca (Reuters) Forwards: Cavani, Mertens, Callejón …Surprising, but true, Edinson Cavani stayed at Paris Saint Germain after being close to calling at Atlético de Madrid. Now, his role has changed and he is already an important footballer again for Tuchel. Be that as it may, he has not renewed his contract and in a matter of months it will expire, unless the sheik makes an extra effort. Naples also do not want to let Mertens escape and he has already proposed to renew for a figure close to four million per season. Again, he will be a player with no shortage of offers …Two Spanish footballers like Alley Y Pedrito they are free to change their air from June. Chelsea could also leave Giroud. Ryan Fraser Y Jordon Ibe (Bournemouth), Artem Dzyuba (Zenith), Mario Gotze (Dortmund), Choupo-Moting (PSG), Andy Carroll (Newcastle) or Borja Walking stick (Aston Villa) would not end the season with their current clubs if it were delayed until the summer months. Midfield: Willian, David Silva, Lallana …Footballers of significant importance at the European level would form a dream core if all decided to go to the same team next summer. Willian of Chelsea is one of them. The atacanta has once spoken of his intention to continue in London, but the renewal agreement is still pending and, of course, he will not be short of suitors. “If I could, I would play here until I was 40 years old. However, football is not always that way“he acknowledged.His future is not yet resolved, unlike that of David Silva, who confirmed last summer that this would be his last season at Manchester City. At 34, he openly expressed that he did not want to continue in England either. He has been related to the Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, but has not made a public statement on the matter. It has also been stipulated with the possibility of leaving for destinations with higher economic income.More names: Charles Aránguiz (Leverkusen), Giacomo Bonaventura (Milan), Adam Lallana (Liverpool), Jeff Hendrick (Burnley), Daler Kuzyaev (Zenith), Janik Haberer (Freiburg), Adil Aouchiche (PSG) … In defense, PSG could let four of its footballers escape. Thiago Silva intends to renew his bond, but the club does not offer him anything because of his age and the important record he carries. Despite his 35 years, the Brazilian continues to perform at a high level and could continue at the highest European level. Meunier, for his part, lives the opposite situation. The club is interested in tying up the winger, but it is he who has doubts about possible offers from other greats in Europe. Kurzawa and Tanguy Kouassi also end their contract next summer.The arrival of José Mourinho could change the intention of Jan Vertonghen. It already happened with Toby Alderweireld, which has been renewed after the Portuguese signed. Both did not seem like they were going to renew with Pochettino, but their situation has taken a turn. Stambouli (Schalke), Palomino (Atalanta), Clyne (Liverpool) or Fosu-Mensah (Manchester United) will leave, except surprise, their current entity on June 30. The coronavirus crisis has opened a new panorama in European football. The suspension of the Eurocopa opens the possibility that the leagues of the continent end, even, after June 30. In Spain, Luis Rubiales and Javier Tebas have already left that possibility in the air. If this is the case, there is a circumstance that was not stated in the script: What happens to those players who end the contract? Can they finish the season with their teams? Will they leave earlier?The president of the RFEF tried to explain it, although everything depends on the evolution of the disease: “It is a question to take into account. It is only fair that the same templates be ended. We are going to try to propose it. Here the regulations collide with the law of several countries, if it can be achieved, hopefully, and if inequality cannot be achieved, it will be the same for all. At any step it is too early to talk about it. The first step is to try to finish before June 30. If not, this will gain notoriety“In Spain, it affects a total of 112 soccer players. In Europe, other big names are part of this select club:Goalkeepers and defenders: Meunier, Thiago Silva, Vertonghen …Few height gatekeepers will be released from June 30. One of them is Schalke’s Nubel, but he is already, officially, a Bayern de Múnic footballer.h. At 23, he is one of the great hopes of German football and, of course, a replacement of guarantees for Neuer. Walter Benítez (Nice), Joe Hart (Burnley) or Stanislav Kritsyuk (Krasnodar) are other names.BERTRAND GUAY & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Meunier and Thiago Silva, in a match with PSG.BERTRAND GUAY (AFP)last_img read more

Diego Costa, goal of Roma

first_imgSo if it is true the saying that “the third one is defeated”, this summer Rome will try what it did not come out in 2013 or 2018: the signing of Diego Costa. The one of Lagarto, who does not live his best moments in Atlético, with two long injuries in the last two years that have forced him to undergo surgery and They have eroded their performance to unthinkable numbers at the LaLiga Costa of the Year, just seven goals in 40 games. That 2013-14 there were 36 in 51. An abyss of difference. Still, as they point most strongly from Italy, Roma looking for a partner for Dzeko (15 goals in 32 games this season), after the signing of Kalinic ‘frog came out’ (they will not exercise the right to purchase the loan: they will return it to Atlético) and on Gianluca’s agenda Petrachi, sports director, the name underlined and in bold, is that of Diego Costa. Fundamental to Simeone, always his bulwarkBecause of that fury and that force that infects others, especially in bad times, the crisis caused by the coronavirus could lengthen his stay at Atlético. The rojiblanco club, drowned by the economy (it is one of the clubs that has declared an ERTE) he will not undertake many signings in summer (Andrea Berta, his sports director, already recognized him the other day in statements to Tuttosport, “it would be best if there were no market”) and, although Atlético is looking for a ‘9’, Costa could continue. Last season in the winter market there was a significant offer from China that he rejected. Also of interest in Qatar, Brazil …With contract until June 2021, his market value has dropped to 18 million euros, according to the last update of the specialized page Transfermarkt. The Rome, as also reported by the Italian press, does not know still the price that he Athletic can ask you to undertake the signing of the Spanish-Brazilian striker who in August will be 32 years old. Although girlfriends are not lacking. Also from Italy, Naples follows, in addition to clubs from Qatar and Brazil. He more interested, however it is the Rome, waiting for that other saying not to be fulfilled this summer: “there are not two without three”.last_img read more

Fernando: “Ferran should have been renovated a year ago”

first_img-What effort are you referring to?-I was referring to the fact that if there are difficulties in reaching an agreement on the economic issue, then the player, as he is from here and as I did in his day, still makes a little effort. And he says “I don’t charge the same as I would charge elsewhere but I am at Valencia and I continue playing on my team”. But I don’t know how Ferran feels, I know what I felt and did.-What reasons convinced you to reject important club offers to stay at Valencia?– Paradoxically when people talk about the player Fernando says: “Yes, yes, very good but he did not win any title.” And that’s precisely why I stayed at Valencia. First, because I wanted to play in my team all my sports career; and second and foremost because I wanted to win a title at Valencia. And yet I did not succeed. I didn’t win any title that I could have won at another club … and on top of that I earned less money (laughs). People can criticize me because I did not win any title, but precisely I stayed for that.-You once held Villa or Silva. How they did it?– they are not similar cases to the one of Ferran. Villa and Silva were settled and had very important experiences. They were very influential in the team game. The moment of these two players, in his day, is not comparable with that of Ferran. But it did go a long way to keep them one more season. Finally, Llorente sold them.– the one to return some day to Valencia has discarded it?-It’s not up to me. I don’t think much about Valencia. There have been many occasions when you could have thought of me and it has not been done. I have zero hope of returning to this Valencia. -How have you seen Valencia in this strange season?-The time to do without Marcellin was not the most indicated, although I understood the reasons why it was done. From there, with Celades, the team entered the knockout stages of the Champions League, something they did not do last season; the team has more points than last season at the time LaLiga stopped; The team concedes more goals than it conceded the previous year but remains a team just as difficult to defeat as last season. What will happen from here to the end? I do not know. It is true that this year there are more competitors for the Champions League. There is Atlético, Sevilla, Getafe, Real Sociedad … Valencia is not far from the goal despite the sensations and results of the last matches. In Granada, in the Cup, it was not a badly played game … And the Atalanta tie did taste bad because the team conceded too many goals. This means that things were done wrong. It is also true that presenting an average of eight or nine losses per game is an important handicap for any team.-How do you see the situation of Ferran Torres as difficult?-It is a serious mistake by previous sports managers. That player should have been renewed a year ago. It would have cost you half and right now you wouldn’t have the problem you have to cope with. The player has exploded before starting negotiations to renew. And as it has exploited, it seems normal to me to try to take advantage of its new status at an economic level. It is also true that I, as a Valencian player, would know very badly that this could finally be broken by the economic issue being a player of the house. I think that the player must make a certain effort if he really wants to continue playing in his club. But it is normal that he tries to take advantage of his position because he has become one of the most important players in the team and with the greatest future in Europe. You sure have huge deals on strong teams. I would not agree that he was one of the highest paid players, although he would reach those levels depending on a certain individual and collective performance. I would approach it this way. -Can you think of any solution to end the seasons?-I do not know how it will end because it will depend on the date on which it can be resumed. But if it can’t be resumed, the season has to end with some results. Because next season there will be European competitions, promotions, descents … I speak of First and Second. Already from Second B, Third, Preferred … there if the season cannot end, there being so many teams that can ascend and descend, I think that in those categories we would have to take the English example: to end the season the year without final results. That is, the same teams that started this season, start next season. For First and Second, the fairest thing would be to consider the classification of the first round good, because they would all have played once against them. It is fairer than ending the season as it is now.-Today the players continue to train at home and with careful food. What would this have been like in your time?– It would have been similar but without the technical advances of now. Now there are programs in which you have all the players on a screen and you direct them to what they have to do. In my time there was a phone and I suppose they would have sent us everything on paper, like when they gave you the preseason exercises.-How do you think this will affect the next market?-I can’t find a direct relationship regarding how much players are going to be worth in this market. Neither in the aspect of the decision. I don’t think a player was going to be signed because of what you would have seen in these remaining games. If you, by now, are already clear about the footballers you want to incorporate, it will depend on the negotiations. It can be advanced via email or telephone. If the season ends in any way, the new season will begin. I don’t understand why players have to be worth more or less. Perhaps not so high expenditures will be made but I do not think that it influences much in the value of the purchase and sale of the soccer players.center_img -How do you see this crisis?-It seems like this is going to last longer than we thought. It is possible that the increase in infected people is stabilizing, but more than 600 deaths every day is outrageous. This does not look like a sudden fix. However, you always look at the horizon with optimism and think that by the end of April, the beginning of May, we can start this return to normality. This would be a consequence of an improvement in the numbers of infected and deceased.-And football, how important is it in this situation?-Football has been one of the most influenced sectors because there are thousands of people who go to stadiums to see the show. And that had to be avoided. First some games were played behind closed doors but being a non-essential sector, it was normal to go into this inactivity waiting for things to return to their course. First it will be the footballers who can return to their training and, little by little, I suppose we will return to play, surely behind closed doors, and then, perhaps for the next League, we can go to the stadiums. Like everything, football will return to normal.Do you think that the footballer is more or less committed to society today?-The athletes who earn a significant amount of money are almost always in solidarity and are with society in any problems that may arise. We are talking about very high wages. Footballers with lower wages are more difficult to show solidarity. It is normal for a soccer player who has not had an ERTE to accept the possibility of collecting a percentage of their salary, to benefit the club and to ensure the salary of the rest of the entity’s employees.– In your time there would have been problems for the players to lower their salaries in such a situation?– In our time, the dialogue with the club would have been maintained and the best solution would have been reached. We would have agreed to a reduction of some percent.-There is talk of soccer players downloading payrolls that charge millions of euros. And those of Second B and Third who live almost daily?-Those guys can’t make the sacrifice that people who charge a lot more money can do. There are some who are married and with children, in Segunda B, earning 2,000 euros a month or 1,500, living away from home … In this case, the clubs will not be able to have so much trouble paying their salary because the ticket offices will be a minimum percentage of club income.last_img read more

“Tomorrow Mbappé will cost € 40M”

first_imgThere are many voices predicting that there will be a before and after in football finances after this economic crisis derived from the coronavirus pandemic. Real Madrid itself fears a technical bankruptcy of the industry if it is not possible to play this season or if the next one begins behind closed doors and the box office money is lost. Roures, in Spain, spoke of the farewell to the “transfers of one hundred million”. In France it has been the MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit, well known in his country, who has raised the alarm about Mbappé, star of the PSG: “Tomorrow, after the coronavirus crisis, it will not be worth more than 35 or 40 million in 200 “place. “And who can buy it?” Continues the politician in a column in Ouest France, which predicts: “This crisis will clean up the irrationality of professional sports. It is as if there had been a nuclear attack and had to be rebuilt, but at other bases. There will be a de facto regulation. It would be necessary to go even further with a salary cap. It is a reorganization that passes not only for the salaries of the players, but also for the right to image and advertising. We have to break the system of managers, of those who do exorbitant business in soccer. I don’t think soccer players do it worse because they are paid less. In the future, in football television contracts, it will have to be determined that a percentage goes to the Olympic sport and another to the amateur sport, for example ”. The truth is that Daniel Cohn-Bendit puts his finger on the sore of a situation that keeps all the greats of Europe in a tense standby. Real Madrid itself does not have the certainty that large operations will be carried out this summer. At least, in the roadmap marked to sign Mbappé, events keep him safe. He was going to undertake his signing in the summer of 2021, when the star had only one contract left. And the idea remains. By then, the situation will be clear. “What would have been a disaster,” they admit within Real Madrid, “is that we would have entered into an astronomical operation for Mbappé and then the economic disaster would have come.”last_img read more

Jamaica-based Namibian competing in Oregon

first_img Herunga believes training in Jamaica will help push her to her best. “I think they are people who can push me because, back home, I just train alone, and here, there’s Stephenie (McPherson) and a lot of them and competition-wise, Jamaica always has athletes who can push me to my limit,” she said. Life in Jamaica is different, but Herunga admits to loving the Jamaican cuisine. “The weather is different because we have summer, we have winter, we have spring, but the weather is not that bad. It’s humid. I like the food too. It is different. I love the ackee. That’s one thing that I would take back home, and the training facilities. We don’t have the best training facility, but what we have, it’s enough to take us to Rio.” JAMAICAN TRAINING A PLUS PORTLAND, USA: It isn’t only Jamaicans who train in Jamaica who have been participating at the International Association of Athletics Federations World Indoor Championships at the Oregon Convention Centre this weekend. On Thursday, Tjipekapora Herunga of Namibia competed in the women’s 400m heats. Herunga is a student in the Faculty of Science and Sport at the University of Technology (UTech) and trains with the UTech-based MVP Track and Field Club. The Namibian was hoping to improve on her 55.40-second indoor personal best, but was unfortunately disqualified. “I came out today to run the 400m. It’s kind of hard. It was my second 400m and I came here saying I’m going out there to give my best,” she told The Gleaner. Herunga explained how she ended up in Jamaica from Windhoek, Namibia. “We watch athletics and we see most of the best world-class athletes in Jamaica,” she said. “In Namibia, we have talented people, but I don’t think we have people who can help the athletes go forward, so then our government and UTech came together and decided to give people 50 per cent of our scholarship, and that’s how we end up there and with MVP.”last_img read more

Leicester City fairytale complete!

first_imgLONDON (AP):Leicester City completed one of the greatest-ever sporting achievements yesterday when the 5,000-1 underdogs won the English Premier League for the first time.Leicester players were crowded around a television inside top-scorer Jamie Vardy’s house as they were handed the title by closest challengers Tottenham being held to a 2-2 draw by deposed champions Chelsea.With an insurmountable seven-point lead over Tottenham with two games remaining, Leicester are champions of England for the first time in their 132-year history.”Championes! Championes! Ole! Ole! Ole!” the jubilant Leicester players sang as they jumped up and down with their arms on each other’s shoulders inside Vardy’s house.”Nobody believed we could do it, but here we are Premier League champions and deservedly so,” Leicester captain Wes Morgan said. “I’ve never known a spirit like the one between these boys, we’re like brothers.”FIRST JAMAICA TITLE-HOLDERMorgan is the first Jamaican international to win the English Premier League.Just two years ago, Vardy and many of his teammates were playing in the second tier and then came close to instantly dropping out of the Premier League. They started this season as among the favourites to be relegated again. But last night, fans – who never dreamed their modest club in a city with a population of 330,000 would conquer wealthier rivals – descended on Leicester’s King Power Stadium to party into the night.”People saw it last season when everyone expected us to be relegated, but we fought back to prove people wrong,” Morgan said. “This season’s been a continuation of that. We’ve built on the momentum, but I don’t think anyone believed it would come to this.”Leicester, who will collect the trophy on Saturday when they host Everton at home, had not even finished higher than second since 1929.English soccer have not had a first-time champion of the top flight since Nottingham Forest in 1978. And for the last 20 years, the Premier League trophy has never left London or Manchester, with Arsenal, Chelsea, United and City sharing the trophy among them.Unlike that title-winning quartet or 1995 champion Blackburn, Leicester have achieved their success without lavish spending on their squad.Chelsea’s draw also ensured Leicester manager Claudio Ranieri became a league title winner for the first time in his career, 12 years after the 64-year-old Italian was fired by the Blues.”Let’s do it for Ranieri,” read one Chelsea fan’s banner during yesterday’s game at Stamford Bridge, where the trophy was presented to Chelsea last May.”It’s the greatest achievement in the history of English football and it was led by an Italian,” Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister, tweeted.Leicester missed a chance to seal the title on Sunday when they were held to a draw by Manchester United, but Chelsea ensured that the party wasn’t delayed any longer.Tottenham had to win at Chelsea to keep their bid for a first title since 1961 alive and led 2-0 thanks to goals from striker Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, before Chelsea staged a second-half fight back to draw in a fiery London derby, where tempers frayed and tackles flew in from everywhere.”What a game,” Leicester defender Robert Huth tweeted. “Makes me look like an angel! CHAMPIONS!!!”Centre half Gary Cahill pulled a goal back for Chelsea early in the second half and with Tottenham clinging on, the equalising goal was scored by Eden Hazard.Ranieri called Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink to thank him for Chelsea’s part in delivering the title to Leicester, which is owned by Thai retail giant King Power.”(Ranieri said) five times ‘Thanks’, because of the emotion,” Hiddink said. “I didn’t see any tears because it was not a Facetime conversation, but his voice was trembling a bit.”One bookmaker, Sky Bet, said it paid out £4.6 million (US$6.8 million) to punters who backed Leicester to win the title, with 128 putting money on the team at 5,000-1.No sports team has defied such odds to triumph, and Leicester’s improbablesuccess has provided a feel-good story for a country divided as they prepare to vote on whether to remain in the European Union.”Many congratulations to Leicester,” British Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted. “An extraordinary, thoroughly deserved, Premier League title.”last_img read more

Powered by ‘Tuffy’ – Anderson’s brace gives Waterhouse first RSPL win

first_img – Rivoli 3-4 Boys’ Town – Tivoli Gardens 2-0 Harbour View – Montego Bay 1-1 Humble Lion – Portmore 1-0 Cavalier Today’s Game: Waterhouse registered their first win of the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) season after scoring a convincing 3-0 win over the University of the West Indies (UWI) at the Drewsland mini-stadium yesterday. Jermaine ‘Tuffy’ Anderson (38th and 81st) led the way with a goal in each half, sandwich by another strike from captain Damarley Samuels (45+2). However, the game ended on a sour note for the hosts as midfielder Romario Campbell was shown the red card in time added. Although not satisfied with the performance, Waterhouse coach Calvert Fitzgerald said the players showed they wanted the ‘monkey off their back’. “I am feeling good (for win) … but I am not pleased with how the team performed. We were a bit lazy, and the coordination wasn’t what I want. “But I credit them for endeavour. They wanted to win, and they showed the ambition to get the monkey off their back, so I am happy for that but not totally happy with how the team performed,” he insisted. The home team took a while to control a spirited UWI team and get the game under their control. They almost took the lead on the half-hour, but Evan Taylor, who had a Man of the Match performance, saw his shot hit the post and roll across the face of the goal. Anderson also came close but Amal Knight was equal to his low strike moments later. They eventually broke the deadlock when Anderson’s header squeezed through Knight’s legs and over the line. The home team continued to dominate, and Samuels made it 2-0 in added time with a low, fierce drive from 20 yards. Waterhouse were again the better team after the break, and they sealed the win nine minutes from time when Anderson got on to the end of Kemar Seivwright’s cross and fired under Knight to make it 3-0. In added time, Campbell was shown the red card for a retaliatory tackle on a UWI player. UWI’s coach, Marcel Gayle, was making his first return as an opposing coach to the club where he coached for more than 15 years. Yesterday’s Results 8:30 p.m. – Arnett Gardens vs Reno at Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex.last_img read more