Correct choice of small adorn article add temperament good choice

in the continuous improvement of our economic level today, we gradually increase the demand for beauty. Of course, the beautiful jewelry, always very attractive to consumers. The right to buy small adorn article, that is, we add a good choice temperament!

small adorn article join fee is how much?

for girls, jewelry, do not have to buy a lot of jewelry, one is there will be outdated and damaged one, more waste of money, so be sure to choose a good quality when we choose the good quality, do not choose a look is the kind of thing to spread the goods. read more

Community reading point so that residents happy reading

spring days, outdoor sunshine, fresh air. The provincial capital city office, Lane community, take advantage of this opportunity, the library moved to the community in nature, so that residents bathed in the spring breeze happily reading, lively form, the effect is obvious, and even become an important content of life some residents, to create a learning community and the community to play a positive role.

in April 6th, the School Lane 8, the hospital reading points in the building of Changan min Lin took the loan card, came to the community library, would like to borrow a few books on health education. He said, these days, reading the books, to see this book named. It is understood that there are 8 residents of the hospital No. 56, building Changan min Lin is responsible for reading points. Almost every day, with everyone downstairs to the friends who are reading together. An Minlin said: the life of the elderly is relatively closed, a lot of news can only be understood through newspapers and magazines, the community free of charge to lend the book to read, to provide you with an opportunity to communicate with each other. The books on their own books, see things to express their views and comments, then discuss each other." It is the common learning opportunities for everyone to communicate with each other, learn from each other, talk about life sentiment, comments, views. read more

May Day holiday fun

51 small holiday, become the driving, characteristics of travel hot spots, there are people stuck in the highways dredge, people see the huge crowds of people in the famous scenic spots…… This reporter has learned that a free travel becomes more and more people to pursue the ideal way to travel, spend less, just as exciting.
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Huangzhong transportation pollution does not hesitate to hit muck

transport in order to regulate the market order, to eliminate safety hazards, prevent sediment pollution, recently, Huangzhong County transportation management departments to strengthen the governance of road muck, dust pollution, such as the intensity of scattering of goods, and as the county recently air pollution prevention and control of key work.

it is understood that the county transportation department according to the actual area, set up 4 road transport dust checkpoint in lushaer Town, Xinzhuang Town, the town of dopa, arrangement of 6 law enforcement officers, 3 law enforcement vehicles, every morning at 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., passing vehicles for dust prevention, law enforcement inspection on the young Caesar. Failing to take measures to prevent the scattering of the vehicles subject to heavy penalties, while taking no time, no fixed point inspection methods, blow on the way to evade law enforcement officers to check illegal parking vehicle. In order to eliminate the source of sediment, dust and other pollution problems, the county transportation department also organized law enforcement personnel to go to the originating goods distribution center, vehicle operators propaganda to prevent air pollution and freight vehicle scattering significance. As of now, a total investigation of such illegal behavior of nearly 20, effectively curb the area of vehicle dust, resulting from the scattering phenomenon and the phenomenon of air pollution. read more

Next year the province intends to start construction of eight roads

In order to adapt to the new normal, accelerate the four traffic development, to promote the next transportation work, let the muscles stronger, wider road traffic flow, next year the provincial transportation departments to start the construction of eight road. This is the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation in November 17th to build the Department of.

it is reported that in order to promote economic and social progress and improving people’s livelihood and well-being, built the people’s satisfaction with the traffic, to provide transportation services to ensure better economic and social development and people safe and convenient travel. Recently, the province in 2016 to build eight highway construction project design tender will be completed successfully. The auction attracted a total of 36 units outside the province to participate in the bidding, after a rigorous assessment of the bid evaluation experts, 19 units, survey and design bidding of the successful completion of the work, lay a solid foundation for the next step of construction project, will be on the road to start building eight next year were determined. The eight roads were from canal road to Yushu dari (Qinghai territory) project, the route length of approximately 448 km; G215 MAZONGSHAN port to Ninger highway Sebei Qarhan section of highway engineering, the route length of approximately 163 km; S306 Guanting to Kazakhstan city highway, the route length of approximately 313 km; S312 to the color I ditch Maduo highway project, a total length of 337 km; G0611 Zhangye to Wenchuan high-speed biandukou (Gansu circle) (pictured) section to Menyuan highway engineering, the route length of about 150 km; G213 line Qilian County fork to chase bridge section of highway reconstruction project, a total length of 76 km; G345 line complex to chawula section of highway reconstruction project, a total length of 211.7 km; S224 line two channel 109 forks to segment multiple depot highway reconstruction project, a total length of 430.6 km.   read more

Civilized dining is respect for labor

October 16th, is the thirty-third world food day. Since last year, the implementation of the Xining civilized table CD action, the tongue waste has declined. According to the Xining City Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau statistics show that Xining city food waste daily processing capacity from more than and 120 tons last year, dropped to one hundred tons this year, every day at least ten tons reduction, more than twenty tons. In other words, the monthly food waste in Xining at least more than and 300 tons. (according to October 17th West Sea Metropolis Daily) read more

Consolidate the basic optimization process and comprehensively promote the fine management of land t

In 2012, the city government opened the fine management of the big screen, West District Local Taxation Bureau to deepen the reform of tax professional management as an opportunity, clear job responsibilities, improve the operational mechanism, and on the basis of excellence in service, in the management of fine, constantly reinforce the foundation for the collection, optimize service processes, create harmonious environment, to achieve new breakthroughs in the work

2012 years, the city government opened the fine management of the big screen, West District Local Taxation Bureau to deepen the reform of tax professional management as an opportunity, clear job responsibilities, improve the operational mechanism, and on the basis of excellence in service, in the management of fine, constantly reinforce the foundation to optimize the tax service tax, process to create a harmonious environment, to achieve new breakthroughs in the work. read more

Bingshen year stamps queuing panic buying

In January 5th, "bingshen year" Zodiac "monkey" stamps issued. Reporters from the the Yellow River Road Post sale of learned, "bingshen years" monkey vote for 1 sets of 2 pieces, the contents of the pattern were "monkey Xian Rui" and "Fu Bi", full face value of 2.4 yuan, 12 yuan a small.

because of this special issue of the value of the collection, reporters from the scene learned that the Yellow River Road Post Office to facilitate the public to buy stamps, have been well ahead of the security plan, the 4 had been open. From 5 am start at about 7, there are people rushed to the point of sale queuing. At 8:30, the reporter on the scene saw the people happy to wait for the hobby of collecting stamps to buy "bingshen year" special stamps, just to buy some stamps fans satisfied, during the period, there are still many philatelic enthusiasts to join in the booking team. The ticket in the team of Mr. Chen told reporters: "since the stamps are the hot topics of stamp collection, and" monkey vote "meaning and is very good, the monkey is coming, I think there will be a high collection value." There are some people can not get out of the postal network queuing to buy from the Internet to consider buying, intends to buy someone else’s hands on the internet." Public Zhang said.  
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Central third inspection teams will be held in Qinghai province mobilization

According to the central unified deployment, the central third inspection teams recently stationed in Qinghai to carry out inspections. The morning of July 28th, the central third inspection teams visited Qinghai province mobilization will be held, the provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining chaired the meeting and made a mobilization speech, the central third inspection team leader Ma Tieshan made a speech on the forthcoming inspections. Central Inspection Work Leading Group Office of the relevant responsible comrades to do a good job with the inspection requirements. Deputy director of the central third inspection teams and all members of the inspection team, the provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial government, the provincial CPPCC leadership team members attended the meeting. The president of the provincial court, the provincial Procuratorate, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection (Supervision Bureau), the provincial organization department leadership team members, Secretary General of the provincial government, the provincial government deputy secretary general, the provincial leading group members visited the provincial inspection office director, each inspection team leader, municipal Party Secretary of state to attend the meeting. Ma Tieshan pointed out that the inspection is an important duty given by the party constitution, the party to manage the party, an important means of strict party discipline, is a strategic institutional arrangements for inner-party supervision. The Central Committee of the party high degree of emphasis on inspections, the party’s eighteen years, 4 times the Politburo Standing Committee listened to the reports, the general secretary Xi Jinping have made an important speech, pointed out the direction for the inspections. Central patrol work leading group resolutely implement the central requirements, comrade Wang Qishan presided over the meeting to study the deployment of several times, with the times to improve inspections. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the formation of a strong deterrent patrol work, achieved remarkable results, the central government fully affirmed and supported by the cadres and the masses. Zhang stressed that the current situation is still grim struggle against corruption complex, strict task force of the party, not the slightest slack. Inspections must resolutely implement the central deployment and general secretary Xi Jinping, unwavering focus on clean government and anti-corruption work of the center, the implementation of the "four focus" policy unswervingly, find the problem, forming a deterrent, resolutely curb corruption momentum. To cut a good practical results of inspections, the implementation of the main responsibility for the implementation of inspections, to identify the problems to focus, classification disposal, zero tolerance for corruption, how much to deal with how to do every piece of land. The central inspection team will perform their duties conscientiously, strengthen the responsibility to play, the courage to move really tough action, clean government adhere to prove safety problems, fully inspected in clean government and anti-corruption struggle role. Ma Tieshan pointed out that, according to the central deployment and requirements, inspection work around the four focus, focusing on supervision and inspection of leadership and its members, especially the main person responsible for the following situations: one is to further promote clean government and anti-corruption struggle, efforts to discover whether there are violations of leading cadres honest government, accountability and self-discipline the provisions of the existence of money, abuse of power, corruption, bribery, corruption and other illegal issues; two is in the implementation of the eight Central provisions and strengthen style construction, efforts to discover whether there are outstanding problems of formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and wasteful aspects, whether there is a problem of discount, engage in work; three is the strict party discipline in terms of political, efforts to find the existence of leading cadres involved in the party’s theory and Major political issues such as route and policy; read more