Why search engines chain stability

algorithm to optimize the result of love. Allowed to release the soft before we only need to change the title or the first paragraph should be modified. You can escape from the Baiduspider trial. But not sophisticated search engine products and become the past. Now love Shanghai algorithm for content determining parameters and capacity is more and more strong.

1, single and identical content is too soft. Most web links in the soft is a plus. However, the similarity of the soft release too much, will love Shanghai included in a short time, but Baiduspider is again on the web crawling snapshot, plus love Shanghai algorithm to optimize, so have the number of the chain is not stable. read more

Website weight is mainly reflected in four aspects

is a collection of the most direct and straightforward method of website weight reflect, do not believe you can look at the weight of the high site, record the status of how they were, as stationmaster net it. We all know that the weight of the webmaster nets, many webmaster love to the webmaster nets hair of the chain, you send an article in the forum, and then to the search engine search, is not directly appeared, sometimes also can reach the state of the second, a site quickly included, explain this website for the search engine has reached the state. read more

At this stage the search engine brings opportunities

2. for selected

1.360 search opportunities brought by

playerWe all know that

360 last year entered the search market, with rapid development of exclusive domestic search engine share second, for this new search engine how to optimize the video station he, how to do, I personally do Gxl after 8 months, the 360 slowly analyzed the development of search engine, slowly to explore the rules of 360 now develop diversified search function, there have been 360 encyclopedia, 360, Q & A, I said these two functions, as is our video station development. We can start from the 360 encyclopedia, the webmaster don’t be afraid of trouble, there are 360 entries in the Encyclopedia of film and television, we can start from here, make film entries can not only increase the weight of the site, but also can increase the amount of user access, for the majority of search engines, for their products will be placed in the first place, also 360 encyclopedia no exception, you can test the search under a film entry, is the encyclopedia in the home page, we can use this to operate. read more

Cause analysis of Web site keywords ranking unstable

, within the site is not in place.

Reason analysis of

web site keywords ranking unstable:


"inside chain king" for Shanghai dragon in terms of internal site optimization must pass website architecture should be reasonable, concise code to clear notes to facilitate the search engine grab included. High quality can reflect the value of the site of the article, the site TITLE title, it is the "face and expression" and "appearance" is clearly the one and only your personal information; "reflect" sure you looks like correlation, fat people face is plump, thin people have opposite face the water chestnut, so the title should be distinctive and related to the content of the article. < meta name=" keywords" content=" " /> < meta name=" description" content=" " /> keywords is the keyword with description is the keyword content description, this is to write the related key words, not too much advice about 3, content description between 50 words. The content in addition to say there is a correlation between the anchor text, anchor text is not much, in the discharge position, the upper left is the best, and add some effects, such as bold and change color. Keywords natural density is best, can try to do some, of course when the density is very small, we need to do, for example, less than 3%, and the more important point is the content of the original, this is all very important, don’t look down upon him, the impact of this on our website is long-term, we are going to have, not to reprint. Don’t go to the pseudo original, is actually very simple, is to have time to write something every day, in fact, your website is not much, in essence, the website included 100, the basic can, without excessive pursuit of thousands, or even tens of thousands, you see those famous blog, PR and the weight is very high, is not included many, but just to find out that a huge amount of reprint, point out, the key lies in the quality, there are many websites reproduced, many may start included, But if this continues, it will not be long. read more

Part time small business experience 1 passion surgeSingle product breakthrough multi V image AKO

inadvertently contacted SEO in October, a professional training SEO organization in Nanjing. At first, in the online access to the relevant SEO information and forums, immediately came the passion, and feel this has the head. The most interesting is that I am looking for a dozen of the same friends asking: "you to the network marketing to understand how much?" I do this idea is very simple, just want to know me these IT friends to understand the extent of SEO, but after I understand. Many people have heard of this "SEO", "network marketing" just, really understand the principles and processes of SEO technology, as well as the scope of application in the Internet, people really dare not compliment. read more

On site right down to bring

analysis: generate static Tag pages, make the site of a sudden increase in the 717 page (actual new page must be > 717), and it was the site of a total of only more than 600 articles, which makes love Shanghai spiders have a little too much to be taken by surprise, digestion. And many tag only one article, caused a great deal of repeat page. This may be a factor in this love Shanghai right down.

in fact, for the love of Shanghai personal right down or some psychological preparation, but did not expect to come so fast, so fierce, Jingxiaxinlai finishing some of the "action" on me for the past few months, and improve hope to rise again in the near future. read more

Ali nail founder Chen Chen internal letter there is no social gene Do not socializeDepth analysis of

nail, we, like many Internet start-ups, have experienced a lot of pain, difficulty, and a period of growth. From the beginning of the contacts, to the present nail, at the beginning we just refused to admit defeat, want to live. Never mind, there must be echoes, we finally stood up again. From 6 people to 180 people out of bullets, now full of blood resurrection; from the C end product, turned B end products, now has more than 150 enterprise organization. We live like cliff hunter, inadvertently walked into a hidden treasure in the cave. read more

A5 marketing traditional enterprise website keywords deployment principle and deployment method

webmaster general traditional enterprises in the deployment of keywords to the site, should follow some principles, these principles can bring some advantages for the deployment of key words, such as to reduce cheating and reduce the keywords competition, so the principle is very important, the following simple look at:

1, each page only need to deploy 2-3 keywords, do not deploy many words.

according to the present situation, can be found in most of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the deployment of keywords for the site owners worry about the small part of the small and medium enterprise website not to worry about, the reason is because of the small part of the owners of enterprise website keyword deploy correctly, know how to deploy enterprise website keywords effectively, so that the site will get accurate a lot of traffic and a single target. Most large enterprise owners did not go to the proper deployment of effective keywords, the site does not flow without a single. According to incomplete data show that this part of the enterprise website to get to the target precise flow but also because business owners do not have to master the deployment keywords principles and effective deployment method. So, most of the enterprises in the webmaster also worry about the matter, ask others not to get accurate method, also at a loss, resulting in no flow of love of Shanghai enterprise website as free. read more

Between the site and search engine and Shanghai dragon love and be loved

3 from a subjective, is the relationship between love and hate, love and love:

website is an information carrier, and the search engine needs to provide customers with information, the relationship between supply and demand.


wants to know the search engine, web site, the three between Shanghai Longfeng a must, we must first understand what is the function of the three. Under the basic function and effect is the three.

from a macro point of view there are two relations:

and Shanghai dragon search engine has two layers of read more

Case analysis new chain explosion will be Shanghai assessment of love

even the teacher Cardiff this can not, what special and quick way to face, so that the new station if there is love in all Hella assessment, do not worry, as long as no what cheating, keep the normal updates every day on the OK, maintain a good attitude, if during this period, did not hold back to modify the site title or program, the consequences will be grievous, nothing.

4, buy too many high weight chain

5 server, too bad, old hang

3, the website included, flow, the chain suddenly jumped

then how to make a website from the assessment period? I will tell you a truth: read more

How much do you know about the high quality of the chain

so I took a look at love Shanghai now included in several previous posts, the first one is A5 topics and posts I just removed the link as like as two peas copyright, love Shanghai library is the same and add their own links (such people too hateful, to write the original article I am easy?) in order to facilitate reading, I posted the original post address: 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/thread-4717518-1-1.htm

similar to the real case that everybody has the feeling of it, now the search engine technology is not perfect, we have written only in order to obtain a high quality of the chain, but others simply copy and paste the link is removed or changed into their own links, we will steal the fruit, which is that is why now and collection of pseudo original flood reason. read more

Eight points of new sites keywords ranking optimization

two, the reasonable selection of the keyword of the website

site weight will be concentrated in the home page, the home page keyword selection is before the focus of our work and work must implement the. They want keyword ranking need to have a certain understanding and knowledge of the industry to understand, identify keywords although there are traffic but the conversion rate is very high, which searches for keywords ranking for small but highly professional, do not blindly pursue high "refers to the number of". So in the construction site to the beginning of it need to integrate our analysis in the industry keywords to professional title, writing an article on how to do the "six eye-catching Title" has a more detailed description and explanation, we can refer to. read more

Don’t let rejection effect of content in the station ranking

The concept of exclusive

is the two rival website, a product first web site in the title, that there is a LED advertising vehicle, the mobile stage of these two models of his website, but only the LED advertising vehicle models behind this website, LED advertising vehicle, led mobile advertising car is to expand LED advertising vehicle long tail keywords, which is the difference between the two sites, so if you as a user, will be more likely to click on a website? Of course is behind that, because of the presence of the interference factors on customer site in front of me, is to buy the LED advertising the car, and you really provide stage content, this is the rejection for LED search advertising car of visitors to your web site, the user does not want to see has nothing to do with their key contents. And incidentally, the first description of the website itself is a problem, the last sentence is unreasonable, in addition the domain name is the first letter of words, so the search engine can be identified, and the second website domain name is led advertising vehicle for users to see that the site is led the vehicle information, and from this point of view, this site is behind the more professional, and users are more likely to click on the professional content. read more

4 entrepreneurial lessons can not be ignored in restoring rational passionateDo shlf1314 Adsense nov

works with established venture capital funds, which are critical to the growth of start-ups in terms of capital and dynamic assets. But venture capital could disrupt management authority and the start-up culture of start-ups. Taking the time to investigate and find the capital of the most suitable company is important for the long-term success of the entrepreneur.

also placed shlf1314 AdSense station advertising such as computer software, newspaper website, Yesky, ifeng, china, NetEase, a personal website and blog is fifty or sixty per cent in shlf1314 advertising, because shlf1314 good reputation, is ranked second in the world of web advertising value is higher than the domestic. Any home, in dollar prices. Chinese webmaster regardless of size, whether the site or blog for. read more

Don’t be too superstitious to do well in the chain chain is fundamental

chain does have a direct impact on the ranking, if the chain of high quality, the impact will be greater, that will make your ranking a leap. The problem is the chain for the new station where you get high quality?? the new stage Links exchange may be the problem, if the purchase link is excluded, you access the chain is mentioned in blogs, forums, Post Bar, quiz platform etc.. So to obtain the high quality the chain in your premise, don’t superstitious outside the chain, do the chain is fundamental, at this time the station determines your website ranking. read more

Discussion how can we increase the site’s ranking

Internet and the purpose of the website is fundamentally the same, are to be in order to meet the needs of users, so, as the site itself, only to provide good products, good service, the site of the people, not to resort to deceit, can win the customers.

station layout and other details of the content, to do every day, and the station all close together, to better publicize, after all, only believe in yourself, others will believe in you. On the other hand, is to show their own website on other platforms, show very beautiful in crowded places, let more people know, understand, love and affirmation, this is the key. read more

Easily three identification fraud AllianceApp live three musketeers that live pattern is not formed

live how the fire? For example, a man wearing a red dress uncle, sing the way in Beijing Zhongguancun square to beg, also placed in front of a mobile phone, online and offline at the same time begging, we call it cloud begging, accompanied by China biggest Gang into the mobile world. We can see the live broadcast of the ranks, really very fire. From the data point of view, today’s mobile Internet traffic is consumed by 55% of the video, and by 2020 this figure will be 80%.

three are not in the same direction. What will happen on the 2017 live track? read more

Or layoffs 50% the end of the copyright era music sports back to the originAccurate advertisers w

The growth rate of

music as sports denied the strong Wei to leave a message on the sloth bear sports, said Lai Ruzheng and James are quite working, which has completed the task of Hongkong James was transferred back to Beijing".

even so, it is still a distraught sigh story.

since then, online advertising has gradually become a hot spot on the network, and our IT industry has also been aware of the bright future of online advertising in 97~98 years, so there are gradually online advertising in our website. At present, the trend is becoming more and more exciting, and about half of the domestic websites, such as Sohu and Sina, come from advertising. There is no doubt that Internet advertising has contributed much to the development of internet.   read more

Founded less than 1 years 18 star won the 2016 business financing risingcounterattack cock wire Koba

Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. founder Lin Xing Lu Lu

Allbirds, the maker of pure wool shoes, leads the fashion

these people like our classmates and friends around, they have no background, or too many resources, and even a lot of people have no Western style full degree, but they have independent thinking and judgement of the industry, with the experience of the past. Of course, this is not to write the story of suffering plate entrepreneurs, not to speak of success, nor the analysis of entrepreneur’s personal journey, this column is to record these entrepreneurs’ growth experience, or in the creation, doubt, mistakes, reconstruction of the facts and causality. read more

Five essential tools AdWord revenue 500%21 fall scared you But the truth is the three new board is t

benefits: if you have some SEO experience. Focusing on high key words, I think your income is impressive.

usage: enter Blacklist’s website and sign up for an account. You’ll get a blacklist of AdWord publishers. Add this list to your AdSense’s list of competitive ad rates.

before that, from January 19th to March 28th, the three board market index rose from 1091.88 points to 1162.23 points, or 6.44%.

in the new three board, read three new board researchers found that this trend is also strengthening, and the new three board is also increasingly close to an effective market". read more