Shanghai Longfeng misread the original points system

I think my biggest mistake is a misreading of love Shanghai "original" two words, remember the end of last year, Shanghai love said to support the original site, introduction of the spark plan, at that time, I felt the chain will suffer setbacks, pseudo original value will greatly enhance the current the situation, I seem to have guessed half.

in the past few days I have been thinking, in the end where there is the problem, check a lot of information, I think, the problem may be in my most trusted "original". read more

Summary of the 6 increase the site outside the chain of the most practical methods in 2015


may be some buddies will think that this kind of information online has said a lot, I at the time of this writing is also considered, so you see me this article is absolutely elsewhere on the Internet can’t see. Although the method is less than the spread of the Internet, but I can tell you, these are the essence of the content, has a high value content.


fourth methods: to each big portal to register a blog or micro-blog like "individual homepage" (note that to see if you can be loved in Shanghai included blog) after registration fill in their own websites or your personal information can be released, the article should also be like to take the chain and anchor text? Of course, the best published information is not spam, mainly to the needs of the user, micro-blog can now open micro-blog, this is also a good place to release the chain, buddies can make good use of these platforms, like what micro-blog blog weight is pretty good. read more

Website optimization offbeat RSO you do grassroots webmaster optimization

where the author’s own experiences about how to optimize their relationships to indirectly optimize their website

! !At the helm of ! friend!

grassroots webmaster in the Internet sea is a small boat, and the station is the leaf boat in the sea voyage! Would inevitably have to experience in the wind, you experience when you wave the heart of the business friends will escort you, will provide a safe haven for you! A lot of people say that there is no real friendship. And I think that is because you have no real intention to run your friendship, you do not really willing to pay, so you experience in waves and what do you expect others to help! Of course I also not to say that you seriously run every friendship, every really pay will be rewarded but if you do, you will have more contacts and resources than others when you need help, you will get the chance to help others than those NPC to manage and optimize the interpersonal relationship of many Many. read more

What is the future development trend of Shanghai dragon

around the search promotion of Shanghai dragon ER and the auction staff will never be eliminated in the information age, which is decided by the characteristics of the information age of the massive.

search engine is the net search for the information you want from the mass information, the explosion of the Internet in the information era, almost is the only way to quickly find the information they want. So we can clearly see that web site search, APP also have the search function, including WeChat also has a search function, why is that? More information, you need to search information from the ocean, otherwise unable to quickly find the information you want. In the information era, creating vast amounts of information but every minute thing, because everyone may become the maker and the dissemination of information, so the search needs, is the information age of the just, this is never changed. read more

The website of Shanghai dragon can not copy technology analysis

Shanghai dragon Er, after the holiday website ranking will choose drop produced by internal update and the form of the chain to make up. But with the search engine on the user’s value, the simple daily update can not meet the demand, it is also the site has yet to return to rank the reason.

third, to promote good questioning for site traffic. We are listening to the comments or reading novels when there is a similar "for more details, please listen to the next time" information. This is actually a question if you are foreshadowing, user content to attract, and want to know the content, will always pay attention to your site, waiting for the next release content. This can bring potential for site traffic. Of course, this kind of question to pave the way to have a degree, otherwise it will let users leave a bad impression on the site, but not conducive to the promotion of the website. read more

Want to make a difference in Shanghai must consider the marketing problems and ideas

just started to contact the Shanghai dragon, on what feels curious feeling through their own efforts to put keywords sit is so exciting and a sense of achievement. I generally do not love to share what Shanghai Longfeng experience. Do every one of Shanghai dragon, in addition to the basic knowledge we should learn, each have each of the methods, as long as the effective method is good, no need to complete in accordance with the others to give you ways to use. Only to the field of exploration will really learn with their own things. read more

The website Links exchange skills

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

step word index to brush up, for example, originally the word index is 0, so we can put the word index brush to 300 or 400, do not brush is too high, can.

special chain optimization:

website right down topics:

1. for

2. index


secondsWebsite optimization brushWe find the

Shanghai Longfeng essential to exchange Links, but a lot of people will be the weight of our web site to webmaster tools check when exchanging Links, if the weights are lower than the other, they may not and we exchange, so how to do? Today to introduce how to quickly improve website weight to attract Links. read more