Fernando: “Ferran should have been renovated a year ago”

first_img-What effort are you referring to?-I was referring to the fact that if there are difficulties in reaching an agreement on the economic issue, then the player, as he is from here and as I did in his day, still makes a little effort. And he says “I don’t charge the same as I would charge elsewhere but I am at Valencia and I continue playing on my team”. But I don’t know how Ferran feels, I know what I felt and did.-What reasons convinced you to reject important club offers to stay at Valencia?– Paradoxically when people talk about the player Fernando says: “Yes, yes, very good but he did not win any title.” And that’s precisely why I stayed at Valencia. First, because I wanted to play in my team all my sports career; and second and foremost because I wanted to win a title at Valencia. And yet I did not succeed. I didn’t win any title that I could have won at another club … and on top of that I earned less money (laughs). People can criticize me because I did not win any title, but precisely I stayed for that.-You once held Villa or Silva. How they did it?– they are not similar cases to the one of Ferran. Villa and Silva were settled and had very important experiences. They were very influential in the team game. The moment of these two players, in his day, is not comparable with that of Ferran. But it did go a long way to keep them one more season. Finally, Llorente sold them.– the one to return some day to Valencia has discarded it?-It’s not up to me. I don’t think much about Valencia. There have been many occasions when you could have thought of me and it has not been done. I have zero hope of returning to this Valencia. -How have you seen Valencia in this strange season?-The time to do without Marcellin was not the most indicated, although I understood the reasons why it was done. From there, with Celades, the team entered the knockout stages of the Champions League, something they did not do last season; the team has more points than last season at the time LaLiga stopped; The team concedes more goals than it conceded the previous year but remains a team just as difficult to defeat as last season. What will happen from here to the end? I do not know. It is true that this year there are more competitors for the Champions League. There is Atlético, Sevilla, Getafe, Real Sociedad … Valencia is not far from the goal despite the sensations and results of the last matches. In Granada, in the Cup, it was not a badly played game … And the Atalanta tie did taste bad because the team conceded too many goals. This means that things were done wrong. It is also true that presenting an average of eight or nine losses per game is an important handicap for any team.-How do you see the situation of Ferran Torres as difficult?-It is a serious mistake by previous sports managers. That player should have been renewed a year ago. It would have cost you half and right now you wouldn’t have the problem you have to cope with. The player has exploded before starting negotiations to renew. And as it has exploited, it seems normal to me to try to take advantage of its new status at an economic level. It is also true that I, as a Valencian player, would know very badly that this could finally be broken by the economic issue being a player of the house. I think that the player must make a certain effort if he really wants to continue playing in his club. But it is normal that he tries to take advantage of his position because he has become one of the most important players in the team and with the greatest future in Europe. You sure have huge deals on strong teams. I would not agree that he was one of the highest paid players, although he would reach those levels depending on a certain individual and collective performance. I would approach it this way. -Can you think of any solution to end the seasons?-I do not know how it will end because it will depend on the date on which it can be resumed. But if it can’t be resumed, the season has to end with some results. Because next season there will be European competitions, promotions, descents … I speak of First and Second. Already from Second B, Third, Preferred … there if the season cannot end, there being so many teams that can ascend and descend, I think that in those categories we would have to take the English example: to end the season the year without final results. That is, the same teams that started this season, start next season. For First and Second, the fairest thing would be to consider the classification of the first round good, because they would all have played once against them. It is fairer than ending the season as it is now.-Today the players continue to train at home and with careful food. What would this have been like in your time?– It would have been similar but without the technical advances of now. Now there are programs in which you have all the players on a screen and you direct them to what they have to do. In my time there was a phone and I suppose they would have sent us everything on paper, like when they gave you the preseason exercises.-How do you think this will affect the next market?-I can’t find a direct relationship regarding how much players are going to be worth in this market. Neither in the aspect of the decision. I don’t think a player was going to be signed because of what you would have seen in these remaining games. If you, by now, are already clear about the footballers you want to incorporate, it will depend on the negotiations. It can be advanced via email or telephone. If the season ends in any way, the new season will begin. I don’t understand why players have to be worth more or less. Perhaps not so high expenditures will be made but I do not think that it influences much in the value of the purchase and sale of the soccer players.center_img -How do you see this crisis?-It seems like this is going to last longer than we thought. It is possible that the increase in infected people is stabilizing, but more than 600 deaths every day is outrageous. This does not look like a sudden fix. However, you always look at the horizon with optimism and think that by the end of April, the beginning of May, we can start this return to normality. This would be a consequence of an improvement in the numbers of infected and deceased.-And football, how important is it in this situation?-Football has been one of the most influenced sectors because there are thousands of people who go to stadiums to see the show. And that had to be avoided. First some games were played behind closed doors but being a non-essential sector, it was normal to go into this inactivity waiting for things to return to their course. First it will be the footballers who can return to their training and, little by little, I suppose we will return to play, surely behind closed doors, and then, perhaps for the next League, we can go to the stadiums. Like everything, football will return to normal.Do you think that the footballer is more or less committed to society today?-The athletes who earn a significant amount of money are almost always in solidarity and are with society in any problems that may arise. We are talking about very high wages. Footballers with lower wages are more difficult to show solidarity. It is normal for a soccer player who has not had an ERTE to accept the possibility of collecting a percentage of their salary, to benefit the club and to ensure the salary of the rest of the entity’s employees.– In your time there would have been problems for the players to lower their salaries in such a situation?– In our time, the dialogue with the club would have been maintained and the best solution would have been reached. We would have agreed to a reduction of some percent.-There is talk of soccer players downloading payrolls that charge millions of euros. And those of Second B and Third who live almost daily?-Those guys can’t make the sacrifice that people who charge a lot more money can do. There are some who are married and with children, in Segunda B, earning 2,000 euros a month or 1,500, living away from home … In this case, the clubs will not be able to have so much trouble paying their salary because the ticket offices will be a minimum percentage of club income.last_img read more