Croatian tourist offer presented on the national TV station France 5

first_imgLast Saturday, on the French national television station France 5, in the prime time of 20:50, a 90-minute travel show about Croatia was shown. The show “Echappées belles”, or in free translation “Beautiful Sanctuaries”, presented Croatia as the youngest member of the European Union with an incredible natural heritage, rich culture, a number of protected monuments on the UNESCO list, but also as a country of extremely hospitable people.It is a show that shows well-known tourist destinations through unknown facts about the lives and customs of the local population, while special emphasis is placed on active tourism and gastronomy. The recording of this show, which is estimated to be watched by more than two million viewers, was also supported by the Croatian National Tourist Board.Thus, many French spectators had the opportunity to get to know Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar in more detail, and Hvar, Dugi otok, Pašman, Brtonigla, Buzet, Pula, Gorski kotar, Kuterevo, and the national parks Paklenica and Brijuni were also presented. The show talked about the connection of Croatian man with the sea, ie the rich maritime tradition, trends in the production of local organic agricultural products, but also about the valuable historical heritage evoking life and historical events. Thus, Dubrovnik is presented through the artistic vision of Igor Hajdarhodžić and his studio in which he makes models of old ships and through the original works of Croatian artist Lena Kramarić who adorns the interiors of some of the best Croatian hotel buildings.Istria was presented in the show as a gastronomic oasis through the testimonies of famous Istrian olive oil producers, truffles and restaurateurs. As part of the original tourist offer, illuminated cranes of the Pula shipyard, better known as the “Shining Giants”, were singled out. Presenting life on the islands, French host Raphael de Casablanca, during the filming of the show, met with many islanders who live and work in the traditional spirit. The beautiful shots of the protected landscape on the island of Hvar delighted the Frenchman Olivier Grinberg a few years ago, who in May this year opened a luxury boutique hotel on Hvar with his sister, which is also recommended by the prestigious French magazine Vouge. The Croatian hotel in the hands of French hoteliers was the reason for the arrival of the French camera crew on Hvar.Leader Raphael de Casabianca said that he was so delighted by the sight of a lavender field on Hvar, not far from a small white chapel surrounded by millennial olive groves, that he would surely return to Croatia in October. “I am amazed by the richness of the country, the many influences we find in architecture, gastronomy and the Croatian temperament. It feels like a country at the crossroads of Central Europe and the Mediterranean. Slavic temperament, Latin culture and Mediterranean style. At first the contact may seem cold, but from the moment you gain trust, the human heart speaks”, Concluded de Casabianca.The show can be viewed in its entirety below in the attachment.last_img read more

Lancet meta-analysis confirms breast is best

first_imgStuff 29 January 2016One of the world’s most prestigious medical journals has confirmed breast-feeding’s positive effect on mothers’ and babies’ health.The Lancet has published a series on the health benefits of breast-feeding across low, middle and high income countries, analysing 28 pieces of research which studied breast-feeding’s effect on children’s mortality, diarrhoea, respiratory infections, “swimmer’s ear”, eczema, food allergies, hay fever, asthma, infant growth, and dental health.The researchers from Brazil, Switzerland, New York, Baltimore and New Delhi, also studied breast-feeding’s effect on mothers’ risk of temporary postnatal infertility, breast and ovarian cancers, type-2 diabetes, post-partum weight change and osteoporosis.The meta-analysis is to date the most comprehensive and statistically robust analysis of thirty years of breast-feeding research.The study reported breast-feeding had a strong protective effect on infant mortality on low and high income countries. For the latter, breastfeeding was associated with a 36 per cent reduction in sudden infant deaths, and a 58 per cent reduction in necrotising enterocolitis – a often-fatal condition where a portions of an infant’s bowel tissue dies.The authors note that mothers in high-income countries breast-fed their babies for shorter durations than those in low or middle income countries. Fewer than one in five children in high-income countries are breast-fed by 12 months of age.Data from New Zealand indicated 44 per cent of mothers were breast-feeding at 12 months – a higher proportion than in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia. up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

St Michaels march on to FAI Junior Cup quarter-finals

first_imgJason Purcell’s side ran out convincing winners on a scoreline of St Michaels 2 Evergreen 0.Stevie O’Donnell was at the match for Tipp FM Sport: