49ers Garoppolo officially onto injured reserve, Mullens promoted

first_imgSANTA CLARA — Jimmy Garoppolo officially went on injured reserve Wednesday because of a torn anterior cruicate ligament in his left knee, opening a roster spot for the 49ers to promote quarterback Nick Mullens from the practice squad.“Obviously I’ve gotten the backup job under very unfortunate circumstances,” Mullens said. “Since I’ve been here, whatever my role is, it’s to help the team win, and this week it’s as the backup.”Garoppolo’s franchise-numbing exit also means that C.J. Beathard …last_img read more

Evolution As Assumption

first_img51; Reasoning requires premises: axioms or truths taken for granted.  Notice the premise of reasoning stated in a recent article on Science Daily: “Because all living organisms inherit their genomes from ancestral genomes, computational biologists at MIT reasoned that they could use modern-day genomes to reconstruct the evolution of ancient microbes.”  They used an evolutionary assumption to reason to an evolutionary result.  Isn’t this circular?    The article was about trying to put together a picture of life before the Cambrian Explosion.  Their reasoning included “the ways that genes evolve: new gene families can be born and inherited; genes can be swapped or horizontally transferred between organisms; genes can be duplicated in the same genome; and genes can be lost.  Only the first in that quartet, though, can sing of innovation.  The other factors can only process or lose existing information.  How, though, are new gene families “born”?  It’s so improbable for a single gene to be “born” by chance (online book), let alone a whole family of genes, that the notion of chance giving birth to a gene is essentially falsified.  Evolutionists cannot merely assume evolution to think that evolution can solve this problem.    More circularity is evident when they assumed an evolutionary timeline to determine when genes came into existence:The scientists traced thousands of genes from 100 modern genomes back to those genes’ first appearance on Earth to create a genomic fossil telling not only when genes came into being but also which ancient microbes possessed those genes.  The work suggests that the collective genome of all life underwent an expansion between 3.3 and 2.8 billion years ago, during which time 27 percent of all presently existing gene families came into being.The article used other phrases to describe complex things “coming into being,” such as “the birth of modern electron transport,” and, “we can speculate that having access to a much larger energy budget enabled the biosphere to host larger and more complex microbial ecosystems.”    After assuming evolution to trace evolution, they ended by saying they had proved evolution.  Eric Alm (MIT, Harvard) named the sudden discovery of modern electron transport the Archaen Expansion.  “What is really remarkable about these findings is that they prove that the histories of very ancient events are recorded in the shared DNA of living organisms,” he said.  “And now that we are beginning to understand how to decode that history, I have hope that we can reconstruct some of the earliest events in the evolution of life in great detail.”What is remarkable is that intelligent people with PhDs can commit such logical sins with impunity.  You can’t assume evolution, then use the assumption of evolution to trace evolution and prove evolution.  Evolution is the issue at issue!  The Cambrian Explosion has falsified evolution.  Dr. Alm cannot turn around and use the assumption of evolution to try to un-falsify it.  What’s even worse, he completely ignored the criticisms, and invoked chance miracles to fill in the evidential gaps.    When will evolutionists realize that they cannot invoke miracle words like genes “coming into being” and “arising” and “gaining access to a larger energy budget” and becoming “enabled to evolve larger and more complex systems”?  This is what the charlatans do that skeptic James Randi debunks.  They claim that miracle water can be produced with mental electricity, but it only works if you truly believe in it.  Evolutionary explanations are like a Mobius strip – circular, with a twist.    There was no independent test of evolutionary theory anywhere in this futile exercise of self-fulfilling prophecy.  Evolution was invoked as a divining rod, as if the spirit of a white-bearded wizard told Eric that with this magical device, he could achieve enlightenment.  Whatever enlightenment he gained was the reflection of flashes of imagination inside his own willfully blind mind.(Visited 21 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Weekly Wrap-up: Groupon’s Offensive Ad, Ready For The Tablet Explosion? HP’s WebOS Event, and More…

first_img10 Business Intelligence Tools for the iPadSocial? Really? Folks – It’s About the DataRypple Wants to Be Zynga for the EnterpriseReadWriteStartReadWriteStart, sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark, is a resource for startups and entrepreneurs. Random Startup Generator – A Name, A Logo, A Blurb, All “Coming Soon”Dave McClure’s 500 Startups Unveils Its Accelerator ProgramStartl’s Accelerator Program for Ed-Tech Startups Now Accepting ApplicationsReadWriteCloudReadWriteCloud, sponsored by VMware and Intel, is dedicated to Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Facebook CTO Bret Taylor’s Biggest Mistake? Buying ServersWas Eric Schmidt Wrong About the Historical Scale of the Internet?Megastore: Google’s Answer to NoSQL DatabasesReadWriteBizReadWriteBiz is a resource and guide for small to medium businesses. HipGeo: Tech Veterans Tackle Geo 2.0 Groupon, long known for its smart-aleck daily deal descriptions, took the joke a little too far last weekend and ended up insulting pretty much the entire Internet with a tasteless Super Bowl ad. Marshall Kirkpatrick’s reporting on the fiasco was this week’s top post. In mobile news, Android’s market share numbers got a serious critique. As part of our ongoing coverage of location technology, Curt Hopkins looked at new software that helps rebuild ancient cities. And my favorite top post of the week: the geek who saved 172 BBC websites for $3.99. Read on for more geeky goodness.Top Stories of the Week New Software Helps Rebuild Ancient CitiesMore Location coverageMobileThis Text Message Will Self Destruct In 60 SecondsAndroid Market Share Numbers QuestionedMore Mobile coverageReal-Time WebReal-Time, Web-Based Group Messaging with ConvoreEcho Launches “Real-Time As A Service” [Live Video]More Real Time coverageReadWriteEnterpriseReadWriteEnterprise is devoted to enterprise 2.0 and using social software inside organizations. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#web#Weekly Wrap-ups Is Your Website Ready For the Coming Tablet Explosion?Manage Your Task Lists Collaboratively With FlowBridging Online and Offline Marketing With StickerYouReadWriteHackReadWriteHack is a resource and guide for developers. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts ReadWrite Sponsors Why Groupon’s Super Bowl Ad Was So OffensiveBBC To Delete 172 Websites Due to Budget Cuts, Geek Saves Them for $3.99Live from HP’s WebOS EventIs Your Website Ready For the Coming Tablet Explosion?Hacker Chat: Pinboard Creator Maciej Ceglowski Talks About Why Boring Architecture is Good, and MoreMore coverage and analysis from ReadWriteWebCheck Out The ReadWriteWeb iPhone App As well as enabling you to read ReadWriteWeb while on the go or lying on the couch, we’ve made it easy to share ReadWriteWeb posts directly from your iPhone, on Twitter and Facebook using the official ReadWriteWeb iPhone app. You can also follow the RWW team on Twitter, directly from the app. We invite you to download it now from iTunes.Location Android Apps Get Virtualized to Run on Other PhonesWindows Phone 7 Developers Get Copy-and-Paste, New ToolsMobile Rumor Roundup – iPad 3, iPhone “Nano” & Android Apps on BlackBerry PlayBook (POLL)Enjoy your weekend everyone!Subscribe to the Weekly Wrap-upYou can subscribe to the Weekly Wrap-up by RSS or by email below.RWW Weekly Wrap-up Email Subscription form: Hacker Chat: Pinboard Creator Maciej Ceglowski Talks About Why Boring Architecture is Good, and MoreTwitter Sets a Price For TweetsUsing Public Data to Fight a WarReadWriteMobileReadWriteMobile is dedicated to helping its community understand the strategic business and technical implications of developing mobile applications. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Heating Degree Days Drop Again in 2017

first_imgWe’ve had some beautiful cool weather here in Atlanta this spring. It’s about 50°F outdoors as I write this, one week into the month of May. The high yesterday was only about 70°F.We’re getting a few more heating degree days (HDD) in the middle of May. (Heating degree days are really just another way at looking at temperature, which I explained in more detail in a look at the fundamentals of degree days.) We occasionally pick up some HDD even in July and August. But it’s the winter HDD that matter for heating — and that give us a clue about the climate.Below is a graph showing the heating degree days for Atlanta over the past ten years. Aspen’s long-term average is about 9,000 HDD. This year they got 7,165 through April. Now, weather ain’t climate, so you can’t look at one year or even two or three and draw long-term conclusions about climate. Since 2010, however, they sure have had a lot of mild winters in Aspen. That’s great for heating bills, not so great for skiing. Our average number of heating degree days is about 3,000. This year, at less than 2,000, we’re at about two-thirds our average. Since the polar vortex of 2014 (remember that?), we’ve been down every year.It’s not just us either. This was a banner year for snow out West. I got an email recently about a couple of ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada that will keep the lifts running into the summer. But the temperatures were higher this winter, and the heating degree days lower. Here’s a look at 21 years of heating degree days for Aspen. RELATED ARTICLESCalculating Heating Degree DaysChoosing a Base Temperature for Degree DaysAll About Climate ZonesHow to Perform a Heat-Loss Calculation — Part 1How to Perform a Heat-Loss Calculation — Part 2 Of course, this has nothing to do with our atmosphere hitting the 400 parts per million level of carbon dioxide. Right? That climate change stuff is just a theory. Allison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a speaker, writer, building science consultant, and the author of the Energy Vanguard Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @EnergyVanguard.last_img read more