A failure of entrepreneurs to share their experience of failure

now people are talking about a number of successful entrepreneurial experience, but in fact, the experience of failure for entrepreneurs, more precious. What are the lessons of failure that people need to learn? A lot of people want to know, the following Xiaobian to sum up.

09, my friend and I made a website selling baby supplies and clothes. Team a clear division of labor, with money tight but slightly lack of technology enough, but enough startup, not lack of channels. But it’s still ninth months away. At that time, we do not plan to do much, mainly is to sell. Invested less than 200 thousand, a loss of up to one hundred thousand. Although not much, but a lot of heartache, and then reflect on a lot of things that can not forget the life: read more

2015 college entrance examination scores published

A: Liberal Arts 466 points Science Department of the 400 points of this article: Liberal Arts Department of science and technology of the 363 points of the text of the text of the article: liberal arts, science and technology, science and technology division of the Department of the 339 points of the College of Arts: liberal arts, science, science and technology, the 200 points of the score of 200 points, the score of three points of the Department of science and Technology ()

A: regular classes 466 points or more; for special programs in poor areas targeted enrollment of more than 446 points; in the province more than 456 ethnic preparatory.

A: regular classes 400 points or more; for special programs in poor areas targeted enrollment of more than 380 points; ethnic classes, ethnic preparatory institutions outside the province more than 390 points.

: liberal arts undergraduate 353 points or more; specialist 320 points or more.

Art (academicachievement + provincial exam grades)



: liberal arts undergraduate, specialist 472 points or more.

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n the future the port formalities will be carried out by local passengers from Xining to overseas


in the past, Qinghai people go abroad to be from Beijing or Shanghai city to handle customs procedures before turning, with high-end tourism development in our province has become more and more mature, the future will achieve the local port formalities for passengers from Xining to overseas destinations.

port in order to accelerate our pace of opening, after various efforts, in September 24th, Xining air port construction building in Xining airport officially started construction, building completed and put into use, will be the end of our province aviation port joint inspection unit has no centralized office history, further improve our aviation port open service level and safety customs clearance. It is reported that the Xining air port construction building project is an important office of customs, inspection and quarantine, public security and other units to perform customs clearance inspection services. Total investment of 32 million yuan, completed by the end of 2013, when the airport will be transformed and the International Airport at the same time put into use. read more