As of July 31st Xining 150 thousand vehicle levy vehicle tax 34 million 880 thousand

With the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles, the city’s tax collection work has also made gratifying achievements. Reporters from the Inland Revenue Department was informed that, as of July 31st, the city’s total of 34 million 880 thousand yuan this year, the organization of storage and transportation tax, tax vehicles, an increase of $27 million 850 thousand, an increase of 396.16%.

with the implementation of the new "travel law", Xining City Bureau of publicity materials timely update, expand the content of counseling, coordinate and solve the definition of tax exemption period, the standard to determine the actual problems, and strengthen the insurance mechanism of travel tax withheld standardized management, implementation of the stipulated in the law, constantly improve the quality and efficiency of tax collection. At the same time to strengthen the collection of vehicle and vessel tax, the city’s tax system to implement tax relief policies, and actively support local economic and social development. As of the end of 7, a total of exempt from public transportation, police, agricultural vehicles and other vehicles 2805, exempt from tax of $1 million 354 thousand and 700, which is exempt from urban public transport vehicles 1173, exempt from tax of $688 thousand and 800. (author: Chang Yong) read more

1346 for the people pragmatic honest fresh air

This is a

of the disadvantages of style, scale behavior of the big investigation, overhaul, cleaning; this is a "four winds" confrontation and struggle; this is a lifeline to the mass line of the party’s dedication and persistence.

[interpretation] a general starting point to focus on the problem of five LIAN turn style, improve people’s livelihood, promote fairness, deepen the reform of social security to help the development of." As the total starting point, carry out the party’s mass line educational practice.

[out] the effectiveness of eight provisions to implement the central and provincial government 21, the municipal government 15 measures, ideal control theory, constitution and discipline, the people’s livelihood, ancestors advanced surrounded by mirrors, in accordance with provincial "eight more attention", resolutely oppose formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance the wind, and throughout the study and education, to solve problems throughout, the rectification spirit throughout, to complement the spirit of calcium, in addition to the "four winds" kill and remove dirt behavior, stand for the people, efforts to solve outstanding problems of the masses of the people reflect the strong, so that party members and cadres to further improve their thinking and understanding, further change the style, the relationship between the party and the masses closer, people clean image to further establish pragmatic, grass-roots lay a solid foundation for further deepening the reform of the office. To further implement, in order to speed up the construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the well-being of the city to provide a strong organizational guarantee.


[interpretation] ability at the county level and above leading cadres to carry out "go grassroots, solve problems, when the model research activities, enhance decision-making ability; carry out turn style, implement, for example" activities in the township level cadres, improve the implementation ability in enterprises and institutions; the general unit of the party;
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Blind entrepreneur Cao Jun off the road

compared to the physical health of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is very difficult for the disabled. But they also have unattainable perseverance. Cao Jun is a blind man, he understood the blind and perseverance with pain of cutting one’s body, he began to develop innovative services for the blind, the mobile phone software, won unanimous praise.

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New year to go Grassroots festivals they still stick to their posts

Spring Festival, this is the occasion of the family reunion, but there are still some of the struggle in the forefront of our staff on the front line can not be reunited with their families, but quietly stick to their posts. They work hard to bring beauty to the festival in Xining.

Sun Jianrong, 42 years old, in the city of Xining City Star nursing home for a full year of work for the past 6 years. Reporter walked into the nursing home in addition to the elderly who live outside the bedroom, and no other spare bedroom. "We usually sit in the lobby of the chair, the middle of the night on the small sleepy for a short time, every two hours to ward round, because we have a lot of elderly who can not take care of themselves, at any time to take care of them." Sun Jianrong said. Staff here, usually even the normal rest are not, let alone what holidays, although not with the family to celebrate the Spring Festival, but the staff here are no complaints. In this work, not only need enough patience and love, but also need a selfless dedication…… read more

Civilization to create Xining public security volunteers in action

September 3rd, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment volunteer service team members for the masses to promote the creation of civilized city propaganda materials. On the same day, by the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau West District Branch Branch joint special police detachment of Xining City Public Security Bureau, the City District branch of the organization "civilization, Xining public security volunteers in action" volunteer service activities kicked off the launch of Lei Feng in the provincial capital. (author: Xing Peng,)   read more

How to do a good job in hot pot shop location

even with the best dishes, with the best service, but if the shop to choose a wrong address, which will naturally have a great impact on the overall development of the store. So, if you want to open a business booming hot pot shop, do a good job in the location of the key. So, how to do a hot pot shop location?

1, the local factors of the hot pot restaurant location

in the site, we must choose a convenient operation and development of the region, which is the premise of the site. In the hot pot shop location should take into account the level of economic development, cultural and educational impact, market competition, the location of the planning characteristics, the advantages of the hardware and software environment and other factors. read more

New vitality and new impetus

In July 21st, the national science and Technology Department, the provincial government held the 2014 Ministry of work conference, jointly study the deployment of the next two years in Qinghai science and technology innovation and other key work, promote the Qinghai innovation driven, green development, ecological civilization Qinghai support the development of national circular economy pilot area, the first area of national unity and progress of advanced area construction.Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, read more

North 17 parking spaces open to the public

With the rapid increase in the amount of motor vehicle ownership in the city, the central city parking problem growing, in order to alleviate the problem of public parking, the city traffic police detachment four brigade open to the public for the 17 parking spots.

it is understood that the bridge is open to the public parking along the street: bridges cross the northeast corner of tamie residential street parking; Bridge Street Hui Hakka supermarket parking on Street Bridge Street Square Street; Mita parking; bridge built North Lane temporary street parking; Second People’s Hospital of Xining City Roadside temporary parking spaces; Bridge Club hospital parking lot; Academy of family bridge 10 Fen factory parking; Bridge Street Liyang world residential parking point. Along the Qilian Road: Qilian Road West Street Auto City of temporary parking spaces; Qilian road salt building Street Temporary parking spaces; Qilian road Jinxiu Jiangnan residential street temporary parking. Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Road along the street with the hotel of temporary parking spaces; Chaoyang Road Temporary parking Street Hotel Yu Kun; the government of Chaoyang Road opposite the area of roadside temporary parking spaces; Chaoyang Road Chaoyang School on the south side of temporary street parking; Chaoyang Lane Street northbound side of temporary parking spaces; Chaoyang two lane road on the north side of the roadside temporary parking point. read more

National Day holiday Qinghai grand theatre performances of different wonderful

10 on the evening of 2 August, Qinghai concert hall, melodious flute The tune lingered in the room. from Poland, · and her attitude Yinai; Bulgarian pianist · zounova, Na to Yeda lead my province; music lovers experience a romantic piano and flute music tour. At the same time, also opened the four anniversary of the Qinghai Grand Theater season prelude.

it is understood that the four anniversary of the Qinghai Grand Theatre Performance Season for a month, a total of six performances of the seven programs. The show is brilliant, and the concerts, magic, opera, concerts and so on will bring a higher level of audio-visual enjoyment to the audience in our province. Because of the song "in the Sun Island" famous Chinese famous singer Zheng Xulan, in late October 9th, will hold a "Lan legend" special personal concert, together with the audience aftertaste cantabile; Wen peiran, one under the tutelage of Louis Liu is trying to create their own magic ideas of young people, the evening of October 18th the texture gorgeous performance style, skill, the one and only to the audience bursts of surprises; October 20th to the evening of 21, Qinghai Grand Theatre will be the first introduction of the original German – Mozart opera "the Magic Flute", the perfect fusion of music and drama, the beautiful melody of Aria, wonderful story in this opera presented one by one. read more

Mu Dongsheng visit condolences part of the difficulty of the land system model workers and workers

Qinghai news network in January 9th, the province’s "NPC and CPPCC" held, the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Mu Dongsheng accompanied by responsible comrades at the Provincial Federation of trade unions and the Provincial Department of land and resources, to the Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Bureau of nuclear industry, visit condolences to the old model workers and some of the difficulties and difficulties workers died worker’s widow. Send condolences and gifts, bring them to the warmth of the party and government. read more

Do people’s satisfaction with the education of the overall deployment of primary and secondary schoo

March 1st, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education held in the city’s primary and secondary school spring session. The meeting on the situation and tasks facing Xining city education work, to study the deployment of the 2007 work, determine the overall requirements of the 2007 city education work and main tasks: to promote the comprehensive reform of compulsory education in rural areas; to further optimize the allocation of educational resources and adjustment; vigorously develop occupation education; strengthen the principal and two teachers team construction, efforts to solve the outstanding problems of the fairness of education, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of education in the city; to solve the difficult problems of education, people’s education. read more

Huangyuan county cadres and masses of all ethnic groups NPC and CPPCC on the people’s livelihood

Since the

"NPC and CPPCC" held in Huangyuan county cadres and masses of all ethnic groups through newspapers, television, radio, Internet and other forms of active listening to and watching the live broadcast of "NPC and CPPCC", seriously study and understand the NPC and CPPCC "spirit, and the discussion, we believe that over the past five years of China’s reform and opening up and modernization construction has made remarkable achievements. Write a new chapter in the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. And said we must hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to build a moderately prosperous society, to achieve the "Chinese dream" and strive. read more

A modern sample of animal domestication history the promotion of Datong yak

Carefully look at the long history of the cultivated plants and domesticated animal, the individuals of the same varieties or sub variety comparison, which is the most striking, individual differences between wildlife, than any species or varieties of the individual differences in the natural state to. All kinds of domestic animals and plants, by human beings in a very different climate conditions, such as breeding and mutation. — from Darwin’s theory of evolution

"Datong yak yak breeding project group is Chinese Lanzhou Academy of animal husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute and Datong cattle farm in Qinghai Province jointly set up, after 20 years of hard training, was bred to Datong cattle farm and get its name.
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Datong County to carry out food safety awareness week activities

according to the notice of the Xining Municipal Food Safety Commission Office "issued in 2012 on the city to carry out food safety awareness week activities plan" (No. [2012]7), county food and drug safety coordination committee office established in Datong County "in 2012 in the city to carry out food safety awareness week activities plan", the organization of the member units to carry out food safety awareness week activities.

6 on the morning of 11, the county food and Drug Safety Coordination Committee Office to carry out the organization in Jingning people’s square of the Town Bridge Road, focus on promotional activities to build honest family circle, with the cast of food safety "as the theme of the county food safety knowledge. County agriculture and animal husbandry, industry and commerce, quality supervision, economic, health and food and drug and other members of the unit and related enterprises to display banners, display panels, broadcast audio-visual, display fake achievements, on-site consultation, issuance of promotional materials, product display text and other forms to carry out promotional activities. In June 14th, the town government collaborative business where the Bai Cheng Guan Sheng Da Jie held food safety into the countryside "campaign. A total of 5 hanging banners, panels 2, issued more than 18000 copies of promotional materials, the event also set up to handle complaints, promotional desk, by the staff Industrial and Commercial Bureau on-site acceptance, solve consumer complaints, and organize some food business operators and consumers to watch the city off the region’s food business model shop. read more

North of the city to increase the old family home hospital environmental health management

for the promotion of fine service and management, and improve the people’s living environment, improve the quality of life, and constantly improve the management mechanism of the north area, broaden the work of thinking, innovation management, no property management of old building Institute of environmental sanitation problems are gradually solved.  

two for no property management old families courtyard, large area, environmental health management, unclear responsibilities and other reasons, to develop a program of work in batches, the overall advancement of the implementation, to ensure comprehensive treatment has made steady progress. Comprehensive mopai. Organization of district urban management, towns, streets and other departments of the staff all the old families of hospital building site Mopai, grasp the actual situation of environmental sanitation, garbage removal and other aspects, serious and meticulous do statistics and registration for the comprehensive, long-term mechanism to promote the effective implementation and lay a solid foundation. According to the touch line, will do unmanned management, community management has practical difficulties, low income residents, the overall hospital building into the first batch as pilot areas, organize personnel to timely cleaning, rubbish dead, standardized set of sanitation facilities, at present, this work is advancing everything in good order and well arranged.  

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2015 the six largest venture capital projects recommended

thousand dollars can do? Buy a high-end mobile phone are rigid, want to do investment seems to be talking nonsense. Everything is possible in this world, entrepreneurs should not give up the idea of thousands of dollars to start early, 2015 of the hottest projects in the capital of thousands of shares in this, so that we know that thousands of dollars can also be made into the cause of the cause of the six.

1. degradable environmental protection flowerpot

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Accurate positioning can also make big shop

whether it is to create a new brand, or shop to do business, in fact, we need to do a good job related positioning. After all, only a clear understanding of the positioning, so that it will get more consumer recognition, even if the store, it is possible to step by step bigger. So, accurate positioning can also make big shop.


is idle, I love watching "wisdom" and "thinking" and other stories wealth of short articles, learn the essence, learning management, on this day, I saw a report in a Book: "Japan UNIQLO casual clothing brand" is the largest of each piece of clothes except a "price tag", could not find the brand trademark. read more

Frozen small packaging products in our province has the first organic certified animal products

December 31, 2010, good news from the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Tibetan Plateau Yak and Tibetan sheep organic production technology demonstration project in December 30th through the acceptance of the 3 project to develop a yak, Tibetan sheep frozen small packaging products to become the first province through organic certification of livestock products.

Province organic animal husbandry has significant advantages in resources, Qinghai province lvcaoyuan Food Co. Ltd., in collaboration with the Academy of animal husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute, established organic farming and products processing base, and in strict accordance with the production of organic food, organic food, organic food processing and sales, marking management system requirements for the Tibetan Plateau Yak and Tibetan sheep breeding, acquisition, processing and marketing. Organic food is from organic agricultural production system of food, organic agriculture is a sustainable development without the use of synthetic fertilizers, in the production process of pesticides, growth regulators and feed additives in agriculture, it emphasizes to strengthen the natural life cycle and biological diversity. The pollution-free food, green food and organic food like a Pyramid, Kentucky is pollution-free food, the more stringent requirements, organic food certification standard is the most stringent. read more

Air pollution control of the west fast quasi ruthless

invested more than 400 yuan to have big change, dusty road more than 400 muck truck, checked in the western area of all construction sites within the scope of the basic 100% to 5…… At present, in the west of Xining district construction site, high streets and back lanes, industrial enterprises, a comprehensive air pollution control, great in strength and impetus the battle going on.

four network full coverage management

in order to minimize the pollution index, greatly increase the number of fine days, the maximum for the general public to breathe the fresh air, the west region was set up by the mayor as head, deputy chief deputy head, environmental protection, construction, urban management and other relevant departments for the comprehensive management of air pollution leading group members, the the comprehensive management work into the important work schedule. According to the "combination of upper and lower levels, in order to block the main focus, down, local management" principle, the implementation of grid management mode, set up the District, street, community, hospital building four level network management model, the extension of city air pollution prevention and control work responsibility management terminal. read more

Large tonnage wrecker fill our blank

   The newspaper news (reporter

    a   photo coverage) is 11 meters long, 2.2 meters large wheelbase guy January 11th debut in Xining, let reporters surprise, large tonnage wrecker this big guy is my city police department from abroad, in the future this big guy will serve my city wrecker work.

A large truck rollover accident occurred last November 16th

in the city of Kunlun on the bridge now filed to believe that many people still remember, at that time because I did not give the large tonnage wrecker wrecker work of great difficulty, the accident resulted in the traffic jam in the city for 7 hours. In the future, once the occurrence of such incidents, the city will completely change the status quo. Recently, the municipal government support, Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment equipment worth 970 thousand yuan of large tonnage wrecker. It is reported that the equipment of the wrecker, will completely change the way our city less than 76 tons of large vehicles can not shift, cause congestion. Its delivery, but also marks the city road traffic accidents caused by damaged vehicles, the rapid failure of the vehicle to move, the work on the scene to a new level. At the same time, it plays a vital role in the smooth flow of urban roads in our city. read more