Get rich quick small business big run

today is an efficient era, whether people good learning, or in making money, a lot of young people want to make quick money, now entrepreneurs choose to some small businesses often can also achieve the purpose of making money fast.

quickly build up the family fortunes desire, a good method: entrepreneurship. Yes, venture investment, I do a little business, earning million yuan is not a problem. So, what’s the best way to make a small business? What are some good business to get rich quick? read more

Carbon fiber car will debut Green Fair

This year’s Fair will be a lot of bright green, only in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other large auto show can be seen in the display of carbon fiber car is one of them. June 8th, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo Institute of materials and Chery cooperation in research and development of carbon fiber vehicles, will depart from Ningbo to attend the Xining fair.

by science and Technology Department of Qinghai province invited, Ningbo Institute of materials with carbon fiber car they jointly developed to participate in the Green Fair, carbon fiber car exhibition will be dedicated trailer carrying, shipped from Ningbo to Xining, on the way to spend three days, 14 are expected to arrive in Xining. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Ningbo Materials Institute senior engineer Chen Gang said: "now the little vehicle the use of carbon fiber material, this exhibition is the first carbon fiber car, including automotive parts, wheels and other all is the use of carbon fiber material, which can make the car in the material weight 50%, vehicle weight 200 kg. Prior to the carbon fiber car in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai auto show has been on the show, the response is very good. In the Green Fair exhibitors, is to show the latest development of the carbon fiber car to you, at the same time, carbon fiber car has enough strength and rigidity, light quality is the biggest advantage, is the best material for future electric vehicle manufacturing."
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Does coffee waffle unique taste good choice of venture capital

modern people’s living standards improve, many people are on the coffee favored, especially white-collar workers, many people choose to waffle bant coffee, can be refreshing, but also taste good, many entrepreneurs have seen the waffle bant coffee franchise business opportunities, investment in China now husband class coffee is able to win new business opportunities.

waffle bant is a modern coffee coffee brand, welcomed and recognized by many consumers, sales have been in a leading position. Catering business investment waffle bant coffee shop, minimal investment gains more wealth, the best choice of venture investment shop. read more

City housing security and the housing authority to carry out the study in the field of moral issues

According to Ning civilization [2012] 17, No. 18 "issued by Comrade Liu Yunshan in the field of moral problems of special education and governance activities in video conference speech notice", "on the field of moral problems forward special education and management activities of the notice" preaching outline requirements, I launched the Party Central Group Learning in August 3rd the global organization of Party members and cadres kejiyishang and Jushu unit team members a total of 30 people, learning will be chaired by the bureau deputy party secretary of the Discipline Committee of Comrade Meng QingningAccording to the read more

Huangzhong implement five measures to enhance the level of population and family planning services

In recent years, my county adhere to the basic national policy of family planning, in order to "strong foundation and quality level, Huimin planning and promoting harmony" as the goal, to further promote the population and family planning work, the county’s population and family planning work to maintain a good momentum of development

in recent years, my county adhere to the basic national policy of family planning, in order to "strong foundation and quality level, Huimin planning and promoting harmony" as the goal, to further promote the population and family planning work, the county’s population and family planning work to maintain a good momentum of development. read more

1624 poor families receive relief fund

November 24th, sponsored by the Qinghai provincial CPPCC provincial poverty alleviation funds Love Charity Fund Distribution ceremony held in the East District, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Ren Qing Jia, vice chairman Ma Zhiwei, municipal CPPCC Chairman Li Jinqing and other leaders attended the awarding ceremony, the province’s total of 1624 poor households have 30 businesses a total of 3 million 248 thousand yuan love rescue.

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Food and drug administration to strengthen the food and drug administration during the holiday thoro

  2014 "New Year’s day and Spring Festival is approaching, in order to strengthen during the festival catering service food safety, ensure the safety of people of all ethnic groups in the diet, food and drug administration actively arrangements, organize and carry out special supervision and inspection of catering service food safety.

during the two, food service food safety work based on strengthening the daily supervision, combined with the characteristics of holiday food consumption, the city catering concentrated area, rural towns, schools around the food and beverage industry as a key area; to undertake the family reunion dinner, the dinner on New Year’s Eve, wedding banquet and collective dinner catering service units and farmhouse "and" unlicensed family restaurant "for key units; to consume more food products and high risk of cold meat dishes, fresh seafood as the key species, concentration time, focus on human, carry out a comprehensive inspection market, the cleanliness of on-site monitoring food rapid detection of ATP fluorescence with the gun. Supervise the catering service units in strict accordance with the "food service food safety operation specification" requirement, strengthen food raw materials procurement, cleaning and disinfection tableware, management and use of food additives, the implementation of more than 100 people collective dinner record, food sample and cable card ticket system, perform security principal food service responsibility, ensure the catering service food safety. read more

Do a good job of water conservancy work to create harmony between human and water

– Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang County Water Conservancy key projects and flood control work

6 28 am, municipal committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang in the county government, accompanied by vice governor of water conservancy projects and key projects of flood control work of Ma Wenyi. Shujiang Yan and his entourage came to the Beichuan River flood control project site, Qiaotou town, Hu Gou based participatory watershed management measures and engineering livelihood two East River Gorge flood control project of Li Jia Bao Hua Lin Xiang 43 Gorge Bridge, Kuala village drinking water water field view, after listening to the work report, Yan Shujiang fully affirmed the work of the water. read more

Notice of the municipal government on matters relating to the memorial service in the 1th day of the

Xining Municipal People’s government

memorial activities on the 1th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar during

notice on matters relating to

to further consolidate the achievements, and actively promote the establishment of a civilized city to create work, and respect for the folk, traditional memorial activities of the masses of the people to meet the demand, in the 1th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, to determine the appropriate location in the city set up temporary convenience for places. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: read more

A failure of entrepreneurs to share their experience of failure

now people are talking about a number of successful entrepreneurial experience, but in fact, the experience of failure for entrepreneurs, more precious. What are the lessons of failure that people need to learn? A lot of people want to know, the following Xiaobian to sum up.

09, my friend and I made a website selling baby supplies and clothes. Team a clear division of labor, with money tight but slightly lack of technology enough, but enough startup, not lack of channels. But it’s still ninth months away. At that time, we do not plan to do much, mainly is to sell. Invested less than 200 thousand, a loss of up to one hundred thousand. Although not much, but a lot of heartache, and then reflect on a lot of things that can not forget the life: read more

Beichuan river ecological river construction was awarded the national green construction demonstrati

reporter from the Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management committee was informed that the day before, China Architectural Association posted on the website of the "on the fourth batch of national construction industry green construction demonstration project" list of publicity, publicity show, the Beichuan River (core) ecological construction project of comprehensive control project of the group won the fourth the construction of the green construction demonstration project.
started at the beginning of the project department to set up a project manager for the organization of the first person in charge of the green construction, establish and perfect the management system of green construction and establish corresponding management system. In strict accordance with the requirements of the construction site in the construction process, the construction of quality projects at the same time, protect the environment, save raw materials, water resources, energy resources and land resources. The use of the project Department of water resources classification, without affecting the quality of the project, the use of construction water; drinking water use by municipal tap water supply system, the green river water; wastewater treatment can be reused for grading, water reuse. To optimize the construction scheme of deep foundation pit, to reduce the amount of earthwork excavation and backfill, to minimize the disturbance to the land and protect the surrounding natural environment. read more

Good will reflect the good style of wind

"whenever we see a piece of green trees in the mountains of Xining, we will think of our old governor, Bron. It seems as if he was planting trees on the hill, as if he had grown up behind him. Comrade Bron always firm ideals and beliefs, loyal to the party loyal to the people, the real work for the masses, to get everyone’s respect and remembrance, erected the spiritual monument of the communists." On the morning of December 28th, when the Standing Committee of the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the thirteen plenary session, when talking about strengthening ideological and cultural work, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng off the lecture, said emotionally. read more

22 new travel agencies in our province

from the 2013 travel agency working conference was informed that, at present, the province’s travel agencies have increased to 244.

Ten months before

, Qinghai received 17 million 473 thousand and 500 domestic tourists, this year has completed 101% of the annual plan, a total of 44 thousand passengers inbound tourists, tourism revenue reached 14 billion 606 million yuan, completed 105% of the annual plan, this shows that Qinghai tourism has entered a stage of rapid development of the hitherto unknown. This year, 22 new travel agencies in Qinghai, at present, the province’s travel agency has increased to 244. read more

How to expand the market for children’s toy store

parents want their children to grow up healthy and happy children of the world, nature is little not toy company, now a lot of parents love to buy toys for children, which will drive the development of the toy market, some entrepreneurs see this phenomenon, chose to open their own children toy stores, then the management of children the toy stores to expand the market of


there are some children’s toys store business variety, consumption is difficult to choose according to their own needs, the traditional children’s toys decades of consistency has not changed. Due to the lack of innovation and monotonous, should breed is adjusted, can not meet the consumption of children’s toys varieties and different taste requirements, new varieties of children’s toys so the development of fashion, personality, the managers should pay attention to. read more

2015 college entrance examination scores published

A: Liberal Arts 466 points Science Department of the 400 points of this article: Liberal Arts Department of science and technology of the 363 points of the text of the text of the article: liberal arts, science and technology, science and technology division of the Department of the 339 points of the College of Arts: liberal arts, science, science and technology, the 200 points of the score of 200 points, the score of three points of the Department of science and Technology ()

A: regular classes 466 points or more; for special programs in poor areas targeted enrollment of more than 446 points; in the province more than 456 ethnic preparatory.

A: regular classes 400 points or more; for special programs in poor areas targeted enrollment of more than 380 points; ethnic classes, ethnic preparatory institutions outside the province more than 390 points.

: liberal arts undergraduate 353 points or more; specialist 320 points or more.

Art (academicachievement + provincial exam grades)



: liberal arts undergraduate, specialist 472 points or more.

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Municipal Economic Commission held the city’s industrial production scheduling

The day before, the Municipal Economic Commission on industrial economic decline in the current situation, once again held the city’s industrial production scheduling, key enterprises, director in charge of three county four district leaders and County Economic Bureau responsible comrades attended the meeting, municipal government deputy secretary general Li Jianqing attended the meeting and the future work requirements

days ago, the Municipal Economic Commission on industrial economic decline in the current situation, once again held the city’s industrial production scheduling, key enterprises, director in charge of three county four district leaders and County Economic Bureau responsible comrades attended the meeting, municipal government deputy secretary general Li Jianqing attended the meeting and the future work requirements. read more

How to join the likes of self help dumplings

also has joined the Boiled dumplings, yes, this is the woman like to join the project of self-help dumplings. This is a unique Boiled dumplings self-service stores. To understand the brand well, here Xiaobian introduce:

Xinghai District of Haicheng City Po hi to buffet dumplings, Po hi to catering Co. Ltd. was established in May 2016, is a traditional delicacy China dumplings, fusion buffet concept, is committed to the price of civilians, quality standardization, modernization of management, brand internationalization of Chinese fast-food chain enterprises. The company has developed a number of stores. We are healthy food, stable quality, convenient meals. Unique taste, since its inception has been loved by the majority of customers. read more

2016 China Wang Shi moved Qinghai moving figures announced

found the Leshan City footprint, touch temperature. In December 22nd, the first cup "China network in · moved Qinghai" the 2016 annual network award event awards ushered in the glory moment. After more than 5 months of efforts, through grassroots push, network display, candidate selection, network and new media voting and expert review and other links, the ten network moved figures and the popularity of the 5 network awards announced.

source of the Sanjiang police force, on horseback "against echinococcosis medical pioneer", "Gobi Haining fan on the attendant," Zhou Wenfu "Shijinbumei good sister" Huang Yurong, "the most beautiful Qinghai lake, especially Yushu herdsmen" Nanla reality version of "Les Choristes" for the song, "to get rich entrepreneurs the leader" Zhao Zhixiang, "90 piety pioneer" Bai Yonghao, "the star child guardian" Chen Zhifang, Qinghai "to" the world cut yangshenjie won the "China network in · moved Qinghai" 2016 annual ten network moved characters; traveled Qinghai sow love "Lu Qunlin," on the plateau. Yu Zhilong, the "plateau mapping warrior" Liu Feng, "the desert hold green hope" Zhou Maoji, "the barren Gobi highways guards" Zhong Wei won the "Chinese network in · moving Qinghai 2016 Internet popularity award. read more

Hiking Festival another brand event in Qinghai

  "whether the number of participants, the amount of bonus settings, or the design of the race line, are in the forefront of the country." On the afternoon of July 15th, in the 2013 cool Xining "China dream Valley Cup" international foot Festival press conference, director of the Provincial Sports Bureau mountaineering management center, said Liu Xinghai, a reporter asked.

according to the Organizing Committee of the event, 2013 cool Xining "Chinese dream Valley Cup" international foot Festival is the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau jointly create another major international sporting events. Through this event, the future will be in line with the cultural, tourism and sports integration policy of the development, to open up foot line more attractive and show "cool summer", the international walking festival into sports arena, city event, people’s festival, national fitness activities showcase of the plateau and brand competition. read more