Environmentally friendly integrated wall open green new life

with the environmental protection of the people, the home improvement industry has also been a new change, the emergence of environmental integration of the wall so that the home environment with a new mask. Thirty years of reform and opening up, the increasing demand for resources, urban ecological system has been a great destruction. Environmental protection integrated wall for people to open the green home life, has a broad market space.

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ncrease the intensity of the rectification of a good home Wang Yubo supervision hundred days of act

April 30th, deputy mayor Zhang Qian and mayor Wang Yubo led the relevant departments responsible comrades, in-depth City area thing hill, Nanchuan road red village, Dongchuan Park Kaiyuan Road, East District, Nanjing Road, rhyme ieguchi Seongbuk Chaoyang Park, West District five fork in the road and other places, supervision and inspection of city appearance and environmental remediation special action phase of the hundred days work. Wang Yubo stressed that the urban and rural areas is a common circle of life for each of us, to build their own homes, their own tube, their love. The county departments should resolutely implement the provincial Party committee, the work requirements of the provincial government and the municipal Party committee, municipal government work plan, to control the time node, the implementation of work responsibilities, increase efforts to promote the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days special action to make Xining more beautiful, let the living environment more beautiful, in the tourist season and the major festivals before, with more clean, more green and more beautiful image to meet the guests. read more

12312 business complaints service center to accept the transformation of the sale of refined oil li

September 5th, by the Ministry of Commerce in the second phase of the national comprehensive business law enforcement training courses held in Xining in 2012. The reporter learned from the meeting, our province commercial complaint service center in Qinghai Province, 12312 of the original transformation of the functions of the protection of intellectual property rights complaint service center based on the platform, expanding the service function, the formation of the business field 12312 complaint service system. read more

City Construction Bureau to carry out special operations to investigate the risk of governance

for the investigation and management of risks for regular and institutionalized, the investigation and management of risks, prevent serious accidents, as a key task for the work of production safety, the City Construction Bureau in the investigation and management of risks special action as an opportunity for the first building, illegal construction and security projects not approved the safety hazards investigation the action that increase regulation and punishment, the establishment of long-term mechanism of production safety, to ensure the construction safety situation further improved. read more

North of Xining city investigation of winter construction safety risks

The north area of Xining city

combined production safety inspection activities of "looking back" and is currently being carried out by "anti violation" as the focus of the special rectification activities, carry out a 20 day construction field investigation and hidden safety inspections since October 24th, resolutely eliminate the construction site safety hazards.

at present, Xining has entered the winter construction period, the more the influence factors of construction safety, and many engineering projects will enter the final stage, rush period, task driven phenomena, in the inspection activities for a period of 20 days in the north area will be combined with the characteristics of production safety in winter, focused on the construction and demolition site and the building of rural area, borrow points and other related fields, with full coverage, strict enforcement of building hoisting machinery registration, disassembly, maintenance, maintenance, inspection, operation before use and material transport, unloading platform security are fully detailed inspection of law enforcement. read more

Entrepreneurial failure reflects the lessons of blood

entrepreneurial success, there will be a failure, no matter what you do, you can not be 100 percent success, those who advocate venture capital projects are not credible. The following is a failure of entrepreneurs thinking and summary, the lessons of blood, money can not buy, I hope his experience and reflection can provide a reference for the latecomers.

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