Zhang Xiaorong presided over the fifty first executive meeting of the municipal government

In September 17th, mayor Zhang Xiaorong chaired the municipal government fifty-first executive meeting to consider "leading cadres at all levels in Xining regularly visiting measures (Draft)" and "Xining city building closer Integrated Medical Association guidelines (Draft)".

to further smooth the masses interests expression channel, improve and perfect the mechanism for safeguarding the rights and interests of Party and government, the city developed a "leading cadres at all levels of Xining city people regularly receive visits to work (Draft)", the leading cadres of the city people visiting the reception time and liberating form made specific provisions.

form a compact integration of the Medical Association, the city is further deepening medical reform, promote the reform of public hospitals, optimize the allocation of medical resources, and promote innovative initiatives to medical resources sinking. "The guidance of Xining city established close integration of medical Consortium (Draft)", will be fair, and benefit the masses as the starting point and foothold, the medical resources in the city area, explore the close type medical consortium established city, county, township and village integration management services, effective to alleviate the difficult and expensive, the doctor away of target. The meeting called for further refinement of the work, and effectively improve the practical operability of the reform program to ensure that the real benefit of the masses through reform.     read more

Yesterday the Xining national clean up

shovel, pliers, broom…… April 27th, the restoration of the Xining Jian point package point of responsibility system on the first day, the city of Xining held the first national mobilization clean-up activities, set off a clean home round climax.

this year, according to the characteristics of "establishment of the review of the work of the leading group, Xining city to meet the national sanitary city decided to review the work, municipal departments and units of establishment of contact point package film activities, from April to June schedule a weekly, and in every Saturday. July to September, assigned a special person every day to participate in the joint point package of community or village "Jian Wei" activities. read more

Too many things for the eye to see

Provincial government held a quarter of the industrial economy will be analyzed

4 20, vice governor Wang Liming presided over the province’s industrial economic situation analysis, summed up the work of the first quarter, coordinate and solve related problems, the next step in the deployment of work.

Wang Liming pointed out that this year, after the joint efforts of the province, the province’s industrial economy is relatively stable operation, to achieve a good start for the next step to lay the foundation to enhance confidence. In the face of achievements, we must clearly recognize that there are still many difficulties and problems in the operation of the industrial economy, do a good job in the two quarter, arduous task, significant. All regions and departments to further clarify the responsibility to strengthen measures to increase efforts to ensure that the two quarter, more than half of the task, to lay a solid foundation for the completion of the annual objectives and tasks. read more

Xining West to Beijing West Train replacement new car into the 160km h white Era

in October 12th, and from Qinghai, Xining and the capital city of Beijing T151/T152 passenger train for the replacement of all 25T type DC600V direct supply air conditioning passenger car body, bid farewell to the 140km/h blue white memory, entered the era of 160km/h.

Xining passenger section for better serving passengers last mile, with practical action to bring passengers safe, convenient and comfortable travel environment, to replace the body as an opportunity, in the spare bedding preparation and training of personnel under the foot work, increase investment in hardware and software. Update all columns bedding, spare parts, greatly enhance the comfort of passengers; to carefully measure the 25T type locomotive plant body upper equipment size, all adopt "tailored" way. The software to strengthen the training, education, organization by the Beijing team all cadres and crew for service, safety, equipment and facilities for the theoretical training and site training, especially for vacuum toilet use, barrier free car door switch, electric wheelchair safety belt fixed card use, voice call system the use of the car, the use of TV method to do a detailed training within the team; Beijing actively organize the flight attendants to the army posture, service etiquette, courtesy, business knowledge training, to a high standard plastic image ningke. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry Green Fair will be fruitful

in the "2012 Chinese · green economy in Qinghai investment and Trade Fair" period, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau in accordance with the overall deployment of the province and the municipal government, a solid job of participating enterprises, foreign businessmen invited, signing the project to collect, Small and micro businesses Forum Organization and supervision work, and achieved fruitful results.

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Wang Guosheng request to seriously implement the central and provincial decision making arrangements

provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to the province’s county and Township People’s Congress election. Recently, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng to the parties concerned to understand the details of the progress of the work and so on, and make this important work made clear requirements.

in accordance with the unified arrangements of the provincial Party committee, from August to October, the province’s county and Township People’s Congress elections. The establishment of the provincial people’s Congress of the province county level two National People’s Congress election work meeting, the timely establishment of general leadership team, strengthen leadership, careful organization, combined with their actual implementation of the scheme, and carry out the work, and steadily push forward the work of the election. Up to now, the province has been completed on behalf of the election work in some areas, there are 97 towns held the first meeting of the new people’s congress. Xining, Haidong, Hainan and other places of the election work is orderly. read more

Xining Nanshan green ecological barrier of water saving irrigation in a project completed

July 16th, Nanshan Xining city green barrier South Xishan Forest irrigation water-saving demonstration project completion. As one of the demonstration projects of water-saving society construction in Xining, the project can save 16 thousand cubic meters of water resources. Irrigation status can not only greatly improve the Xishan Forest, but also for water conservation, watershed project area to prevent soil erosion, summarized in our province in arid mountainous areas of water-saving irrigation experience will also play a positive role. read more

Tibetan carpets show the world’s cultural charm

In August 10th, Qinghai International Exhibition Center South of the exhibition hall, a stunning Persian carpet, the Art beats nature. handmade carpet, magnificent tapestry…… From the world of handmade carpets dizzying a superb collection of beautiful things. In addition to enjoy the most wonderful cashmere textiles, but also by the world’s rich religious and cultural history.

each tapestry tells a storyCompared to

and in previous years, this year from Iran, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and other countries of the booth has increased to more than 10, in addition to an exhibition of exquisite handmade carpets, they have to come up with more manual skills. In Iran exhibition hall, a three-dimensional sense of strong handmade tapestries Weimiaoweixiao, "the last supper", "mother", "beautiful girl" religion is like a rich tapestry of color paintings, attracted many people to visit. A "Uncle love" tells the story of Iran uncle in displaced war and his beloved donkey distressed at parting scene, so that people could not help but think of the years of suffering in the flames of war. The whole tapestry with nearly 100 kinds of colors, more than 50 processes. "Iran uncle" on the forehead and the back of the hand that a deep and shallow wrinkles have been carved out of the creators, touch bump clear, three-dimensional sense of strong. This piece of work has become the protagonist of this year’s Tibetan carpet auction, was a keen collector of art to the price of 100 thousand yuan.

the exhibition hall of national culture infiltration

Iran for weaving life with love read more